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The summer movie season may be over, but there does not mean there is nothing to see.


Movies to look forward to in August

The summer movie season may be over, but there does not mean there is nothing to see.

After a strong summer that seemed to see a blockbuster released every week, we have now entered the dump months of August and September. While expectations from Hollywood may be low this time of year that does not mean there isn’t anything worth seeing.

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August 3rd

The Darkest Minds (Nationwide): Based on the young adult novel of the same name, the story revolves around a group of children with special abilities who form a rebellion to fight the government. 

Christopher Robin (Nationwide): All our childhood favorites from the Hundred Acre Wood are coming to the big screen and will be live in and in color. If your a fan of Pooh and his friends (and what person with a soul isn’t?) then you should be interested.

August 10th

Slender Man (Nationwide): The myth of Slender Man has an ignominious history. Starting as creepypasta, the urban legend has become the subject of video games and a documentary about an unfortunate real life stabbing that was apparently done in the character’s name. The trailer is what you’d expect.

The Meg (Nationwide): Possibly the best trailer of the year. From the gigantic sea creatures to the great use of Bobby Darin’s ‘Under the Sea’, the clip tells us all we need to know about the movie. Plus, it’s Jason Statham against a shark.

A.X.L. (Nationwide): Another sci-fi release, this one is about a late teens/early twenties boy who finds a robotic dog in a junkyard. Depending on your age, it looks like Short Circuit or Chappie. It is up to the viewer if that is a good thing.

Dog Days (Nationwide): A comedy about dogs bringing people together and helping them find love and overcome their differences. The ensemble cast and cute puppers are the biggest draw.

BlacKkKlansman (Limited): The story of how Ron Stallworth (raised in El Paso, Texas) infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan. Directed by Spike Lee, the movie’s unlikely premise is a true story.

August 15th

Crazy Rich Asians (Nationwide): Based on the best selling novel, a woman falls in love with an insanely rich man. She eventually meets his disapproving mother and hilarity ensues.

August 17th

Alpha (Nationwide): An account of where the nickname “man’s best friend” originated, this adventure film takes place during the Ice Age and is about a young hunter and the wolf he befriends.

Mile 22 (Nationwide): WWE fans who have not already heard about this Mark Wahlberg action movie will soon be hearing a lot about it due to Ronda Rousey’s involvement Wahlberg plays an elite operative who is tasked to get a man with sensitive information out of Asia.

The Happytime Murders (Nationwide): An adult version of Who Framed of Roger Rabbit? with puppets. A serial killer is on the loose and Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) works to prevent more innocents from being murdered.

August 29th

Operation Finale (Nationwide): The year is 1960 and Jewish Nazi hunters look for former SS officer Adolph Eichmann. The film stars Oscar Isaac and was moved up from its September release after high test screening scores.

August 30th

The LIttle Stranger (Nationwide): Based on the novel by Sarah Waters, this gothic horror is the story of Dr. Faraday who returns to the manor his mother once worked at as a housemaid to tend to a new patient.

Juliet, Naked (Nationwide): A woman starts a relationship with the famous singer whose music her boyfriend is obsessed with. A silly premise, but rom coms are supposed to teach us about love and not be realistic.

Kin (Nationwide): A boy finds a powerful weapon and ends up being hunted by aliens. Part sci fi story, part older brother redemption tale, this looks to have a lot packed into its thin premise.


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