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"I support my Warchief. F*cking burn the tree!" cosplayer Danielle DeNicola talks WoW, gaming and being a Ravenclaw


“I support my Warchief. F*cking burn the tree!” cosplayer Danielle DeNicola talks WoW, gaming and being a Ravenclaw

“You cannot kill hope.” “Can’t I…?”

For the Horde!

This weekend at FAN EXPO Boston I caught up with cosplayer, gamer and proud Ravenclaw house member Danielle DeNicola. One thing I learned about Danielle right off the bat is she doesn’t suffer from any indecision — she supports her Warchief. Teldrassil and anyone else who gets in the Horde’s way must burn! Move along Alliance players, unless you’re brave enough to continue and find out what else Danielle enjoys, beyond destroying the enemies of Sylvanas Windrunner.

AiPT!: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you like to spend your time when you aren’t cosplaying.

Danielle: Well I’m technically from New York but I left really early to move to Florida, so I’ve been in Florida essentially my whole life. But my parents are very much from New York, so I feel like I got a little bit of that rubbed off on me. But when I’m not cosplaying, usually I’m just trying to fit in some video game time. The new World of Warcraft expansion is coming out and I’m trying to get ready.

AiPT!: What’s the short version of your nerd origin story?

Danielle: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….My father bought an Xbox and a then a second Xbox. Then he got a lime green Ethernet cord and connected them — it was the specific Xbox Ethernet cable at the time. So then he got multiple copies of Halo so he could run video game tournaments with our neighborhood. It’s the only game he enjoys, so it stopped after that but that’s where it all started for me.

AiPT!: Is the “Put the Glad in Gladiator” from your Instagram profile for arena? Did you earn the rank in WoW arena PVP?

Danielle: [laughs] No all jokes aside, my favorite Disney movie is Hercules. I cosplayed as a female Hercules, I want to do Meg. It’s coming.

AiPT!: I saw on your Instagram that you play an Undead Warlock. So I was a human warlock…

Danielle: So you’re an Alliance player?! Ugggh!

AiPT!: Well hold on, after Burning Crusade I switched to Horde! (I was mildly scared in this moment)

Danielle: Okaaaay, okay!

AiPT!: But after Legion my friends and I decided it was time to go back to the Alliance and I gotta be honest, I’m really glad I did with the turn the story has taken. What do you think about what Blizzard is doing with Sylvanas’ character?

Danielle: I mean I support my Warchief. F*cking burn the tree! [laughs] Okay she’s kind of getting a little out of control, but I’m about it.

AiPT!: What’s been your favorite WoW expansion thus far?

Danielle: Wrath of the Lich King. That was when I reeeally got into it. I loved that expansion so much. But as soon as they released the pandas I was like “This is really stupid” and I quit playing until Legion, which is when I picked it back up.

AiPT!: Are you a destro, demonology or affliction warlock?

Danielle: I’m playing destro, it’s been my bread and butter since Cataclysm. I wanted to roll with demonology, but when I picked it back up after not having played since Pandaria, it just wasn’t the same anymore. When you could turn into a demon in the past it was so dope and now it’s just not.

AiPT!: Why a Ravenclaw?

Danielle: Why?! Because that’s what I got sorted into! It wasn’t my decision. I always wanted to be a Gryffindor, but I was never a Gryffindor. Growing up I took every quiz that I could find on the internet and all of them put me in Ravenclaw. So once Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw I finally accepted it.

AiPT!: Have you been to Harry Potter world in Universal?

Danielle: Yeah, all the time.

AiPT!: What’s your favorite part?

Danielle: My favorite part is probably the food. Being able to see the food that they eat in the movie and want it and then being able to have it, is really cool. But all those different places that you can wave your wand around and things happen are pretty cool too. I dunno the whole thing is so cool. The rides, the food, everything.

AiPT!: I’m obviously a tattoo person (I have a lot) and I saw on your Instagram that you have a back tattoo. I was hoping you could tell me about what it means to you.

Danielle: Well it’s an open cage with feathers coming out of it and there’s text above the wind lines that says “We will soar”. It symbolizes freedom, independence and being yourself. Not feeling caged or locked up. No plans for any more right now but I did get my commemorative Halo tattoo. I have an energy sword on my leg. I also have an Avatar tattoo; I’m a self proclaimed air nomad [laughs].

AiPT!: I know you’re streaming on Twitch three days a week, cosplaying and going to conventions. If you couldn’t be doing all of this is there something else you’d want to do?

Danielle: Well I do have a job. A job job. It’s social media marketing. I have a bachelors degree in creative advertising. So I work for a company in Florida doing their social media marketing, campaigns, graphic design, photography and all that good stuff. Which is really fun for me and then I get to come home and make costumes.

AiPT!: With what remains of the year, what are you most looking forward to?

Danielle: Well I’ve never been to Twitch Con before and I’m planning on going for the first time this year so that’s really exciting for me.

Here’s where you can find Danielle online:

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