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The Terrifics #7 review: Tom Strong is here!

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The Terrifics #7 review: Tom Strong is here!

Tom! Strong! Is! Here! And it’s everything I hoped it would be and more!

Tom. Strong. Is. Here. After six months of wait and almost a year since they first revealed Tom was going to be in the Terrifics, he has arrived. This issue is absolutely fantastic and my favorite of the series so far. Jeff Lemire writes this issue so, so, so well and Dale Eaglesham’s art is absolutely completely and utterly fantastic.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Welcome to Millennium City in part one of “Tom Strong and the Terrifics”! To cure themselves of the Dark Energy bond that’s gripped them, the Terrifics use the Dark Multiverse antenna to track down the one man who can help them–Tom Strong. In Millennium City, the Terrifics follow Strong’s signal, only to find his lab destroyed and his loyal A.I. aide Pneuman shattered. And the weirdness doesn’t end when a mystical tree transports the team across the universe!

The Terrifics #7 review: Tom Strong is here!

Credit: DC Comics

Tell me about it!

This issue is not so much a Terrifics issue as it is a Tom Strong issue and I absolutely love it for that. Millennium City is a place rife with character, thanks to its very 1950s science fiction love letter to Carmine Infantino aesthetics. Millennium is also the home to the greatest family of heroes, The Strongs! The opening of this issue has a really strong (get it?) segment that acts as a small introduction to Tom for new readers in a way that really fits the universe of the character. Considering how his origin was originally told through a comic book within the first issue it makes sense that a recap of the character starts through an in universe comic book too!

The best part about all of this is that Tom even says that he isn’t hitting Saveen because he wants to, instead it’s out of necessity due to how Saveen is endangering lives in his constant battle to be the greatest science villain and fight Tom. This really gets to the core of the character who wants to help people rather than hurt them, despite them being villains — he’s all about compassion and trying to find another way which was shown many times in his original series such as when he sent a living collective of machines that were threatening to take over the city to Venus rather than destroying them by giving them their own world. If you want the full rundown of Tom Strong, check out the review for The Terrifics #2 where I give a quick rundown and gush about the character!

Dale Eaglesham’s art in this issue is fantastic and continues the trend of having great art on this book; he especially draws Millennium City so well. My only issue with this issue is that I am sad that Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse don’t get a credit for creating the character of Tom and his world or that Sprouse didn’t get to do some art.

The Terrifics #7
Is it good?
This issue might as well be called Tom Strong since it feels like one. A fantastic issue of writing and art by Lemire and Eaglesham!
Lemire's writing of Tom was fantastic.
Eaglesham's art was amazing, especially the first page.
The colors were done so well.
Its a shame there were no credits to Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse for the creation of Tom.

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