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"Ishnu'alah. May Elune light your path."


World of Warcraft: Tyrande Whisperwind from ‘Battle for Azeroth’ by Narga

“Ishnu’alah. May Elune light your path.”

Tyrande Whisperwind is cosplayer Narga-Lifestream’s favorite World of Warcraft character — and it shows. We’ve already featured one of Narga’s previous Tyrande costumes and this new photoset, featuring a real white tiger to represent the Night Elf leader’s frostsaber Ash’Alah continues the tradition of Narga’s unparalleled cosplay talent:

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It was really hard to catch a frame during this photo shoot. The tiger was nice to people but still he's very active and he didn't stay in one pose more than a few seconds. If he lie down for more than 1 minute it's was a big luck for photographer. He also tried to play with my bow, with the chairs in the studio, actually with all props in the studio. 😂 Normally, during the other photoshoots we could spent about 20 minutes just for one picture but with the animals we had to be swift. I really love when a fantasy character has an animal companion, it's really inspiring frienship. Thanks to @kmitenkova for helping me to bring that idea to life. Thanks @mihail_tiger for his beautiful tiger White. Фотосет был трудным в физическом плане, так как поспевать за тигром было тяжело, особенно, когда привык всё снимать по сценарию и выставлять кадр по 20 минут. Вайт спокойно относится к людям, но с неодушевленными предметами в студии он пытается играть. Он молодой (почти 3 года), активный и на месте не сидит, и уж тем более, не стоит. Лег больше, чем на минутку – уже праздник, снимай, даже если место не совсем удачное. Поэтому на большинстве получившихся фотографий он лежит, а я пытаюсь изобразить, что мне с ним очень удобно 😂 Тем не менее, я очень люблю фотосеты с животными. Мне нравится, когда у персонажа есть верный друг и боевой товарищ в виде животного. Это вдохновляет, и я хочу больше таких съемок) Уже набросала пару идей на будущее.😉 #worldofwarcraft #warcraft #nightelfcosplay #nightelf #elves #elf #fantasy #elfgirl #Tyrande #tyrandewhisperwind #tyrandecosplay #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayphotography #nargaandaokicosplay #photography #heroesofthestorm #hearthstone #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #whitetiger #Tiger #bengalsofinstagram #BengalTiger #bengalcat #wildanimals

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The result of one of the hardest photoshoot in my life. Thanks to @mihail_tiger for such a beautiful tiger. My dream came true! 🌙Me as Tyrande, White (the tiger) as frostsaber Ash'Alah, the companion of Tyrande. 🐯 🌙Costume, props, makeup by me. 🌙Photo by @kmitenkova А вот и первый результат, надеюсь, вам он понравится так же, как и мне ❤ #worldofwarcraft #warcraft #nightelfcosplay #nightelf #elves #elf #fantasy #elfgirl #Tyrande #tyrandewhisperwind #tyrandecosplay #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayphotography #nargaandaokicosplay #whitetiger #bengalsofinstagram #bengalcat #tiger #wildanimals #BengalTiger #photography #heroesofthestorm #hearthstone #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #darnassus #forthealliance

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I've got a ton of feedback under my recent video and I DO have something to say: "Wild animals belongs to the wild". Let me introduce you the tiger named White. IN the WILD he and his brother Ice wouldn't have survived. Even their mother refused to feed them. But they survived because of the humans. 🐯Now they lives in comfort with professional trainers who raised them and they doesn't know hunger and poaching. White's owners give all their lives for training wild animals and they have raised a lot of cubs abandoned by their mothers or by bad owners. I checked a lot of info about Mihail and his wife Eugenia before the photoshoot and I made sure they're great and decent people! There's a little bit more rare animals in the world because of people like them.🐯 Besides, tigers live longer when they are with human help than in a wild. Mihail and his wife are the best trainers in Russia and they have more than 10 tigers! Check his profile @mihail_tiger and I bet you'll fall in love with their family. Make sure that White, his brother Ice and other tigers lives in prosperity and comfort – even better than me, ahaha! Owning so much rare animals is very hard and expensive, so I think there's no bad at all if tigers works like models on a photoshoots. Have you even been on such filming? No one tourches an animal, actually during such shooting you try to adjust to tiger's mood. He walks when he wants, lies where he wants and I just tried to pretend that I feel very comfortable in an awkward poses. 😅 So, there's no assume, by making photos with White I support him. 🐯 So, don't try to make me feel ashamed. I had a dream to meet a real tiger and I've met one of the rarest and kindest of them! For everyone who supported me with a kind word – thank you, I really appreciate it.❤ For all who wants to support wild animals – support them with money, not with comments in Instagram.👍 Btw you can continue write mean and complaining comments, it will up my account stats.🔥 And do not forget to check @mihail_tiger🐯🐯🐯 #tyrandewhisperwind #tyrande #worldofwarcraft #tyrandecosplay #bengalsofinstagram #Bengaltiger #wildanimals #blizzardcosplay #whitetiger #nightelf #cosplay

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Thank you so much for all kind words about my Tyrande, may Elune be with you! Here you go another picture with details. Swipe left to see the beginning of the progress. You asked what is all made from. The answer is – Bubblestar! I made it all out of Bubblestar from @icsartmaterials, it's Russian analogue of Worbla. A ton of sculpting, sanding, priming and painting. I had a lot of fun making my favourite priestess again.💚 Кроп с детальками и немного инпрогресса. Ну, вы и так знаете из чего всё это, ахаха. Спасибо всем за приятные комментарии, да хранит вас Элуна 😘 #WorkInProgress #tyrandewhisperwind #nightelf #nightelfcosplay #Tyrande #hearthstone #worldofwarcraft #warcraft #tyrandecosplay #cosplay #nargaandaokicosplay #cosplayprogress #cosplayprop #cosplayarmor #cosplay365 #propmaking #bubblestar #alliance #blizzardcosplay #blizzard

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