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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #6 Review

Comic Books

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation #6 Review

This is a near-perfect issue on a consistently amazing series and is an absolute must have for any Labyrinth fan.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation #6 hit comic book stores this week and it is the most pivotal and revealing issue thus far in this 12 issue limited miniseries.

When we last left Maria, she had learned that she had the power to control and manipulate the Labyrinth with the chalk that belonged to her child. Defeated yet again and left isolated and alone after her two companions were taken by the Owl King, it seemed like all hope of ever reaching the castle was lost. Her love for her son however was too strong for Maria to give up and she soon ran into the gondola driver she met earlier who offered her safe passage to the center. Forgetting that she had traded the mysterious ring back for the chalk to Sir Skubbin, she offered the ring as payment to the boatman. Upon realizing that she no longer possessed the ring, she was thrown from the boat and cast into the deluge of the roaring current to be swept away into a tunnel. Clinging for dear life to a vine and hanging over the edge of very high fall, Maria suddenly heard a voice say “G’day”. There on the ledge along the waterway was a small pink worm named Cible. After hearing about Maria’s plight and mission to defeat the Owl King and save her son, Cible offers to help her. The small creature suddenly pulls out a tiny sabre and slashes the vine that Maria is holding onto and the two plummet down to the cascading waters below.

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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #6 Review

Meanwhile at the Owl King’s Castle, the King and his loyal night troll Septimus are interrogating Sir Skubbin. It is here that the truth about who and what the knight is and what his real mission and destiny are is revealed. Sir Skubbin vows to escape and save Maria but his attempt is quickly thwarted by Septimus. He is defiant and tells them that he will never betray his friend.

Back out in the Labyrinth, Maria and her companion, the self-proclaimed senior member of the revolution, emerge from the sewer drain and arrive at the edge of a beautiful garden on the outskirts of the castle. The feisty worm explains to Maria that their world is in the midst of class war between the goblins and the oppressive King who rules them. As the two heroes head toward the castle, they come across a bunch of mounted goblin knights chasing after Tangle. It appears the hedge has escaped the captivity of the king and is being pursued. Maria, having had just about enough of her friends being tormented, pulls out the magic chalk breaking the world of the Labyrinth and drawing the mounted goblin knights out of the world completely and rescuing her friend much to the amazement of Cible.

The issue ends back at the castle with the Owl King and Septimus casting Sir Skubbin back out into the Labyrinth and instructing him to find Maria and foil her plans. After the Skubbin is gone, the two evil cohorts discuss their true plan for the child and what sinister fate the Owl King has in store for baby Jareth.

Simon Spurrier and Daniel Bayliss have truly outdone themselves on this magnificent series and on this pivotal issue. The artwork is nothing short of breathtaking and dynamic. Bayliss continues to immerse the reader in this fantastic world in such a beautiful way. He captures the look and the feel of the world of Labyrinth perfectly while also throwing his own unique style and dynamic into the mix. It is bright, colorful, and beautiful to look at. The action and intensity in this issue complements and amplifies the brilliant story that Spurrier is telling. The waterways of the sewer as well as the battle with the mounted goblin knights is action-packed and exciting, inspiring the imagination while also harkening back to the fun whimsical images from the film.

The writing on this issue is mind-blowing. Simon Spurrier once again proves why he is one of the masters of modern storytelling. He has taken this iconic world and introduced new characters and revelations that echo through the events of the film. In this issue we not only are introduced to the adorable and perky revolutionary worm Cible, but we also get some shocking information and back story about characters already familiar, that could change everything. Spurrier also gives us a glimpse as to the true intentions of the Owl King. This issue is funny, imaginative, and sinister. The shocking surprises and new characters are the perfect way to push the story forward halfway through the series. In doing so Spurrier gives the reader some exciting revelations to ponder and also some new situations that will suck the reader in and have them hanging on by the edge of their seats for the next issue. This series is a perfect example of how to take an existing story and world and turn it on its ear while also staying true to the source material.

Overall this is a magnificent issue and a must have for anyone collecting the series. It may not be a good issue to jump in on since it’s halfway through the series and gives away a lot of important background and plot lines, but it is definitely an issue that should not be missed. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Coronation #6 is mind-blowing. This series has continued to deliver brilliant breathtaking artwork and imaginative revolutionary storytelling. This particular issue takes all that an amps it up even further.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #6 Review
Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #6
Is it good?
Overall this is a magnificent issue and a must have for anyone collecting the series.
Shocking revelations about the true intentions of the Owl King regarding baby Jareth
Even deeper backstory of the true identity of Sir Skubbin
The introduction of the funny and feisty character Cible
Masterfully brilliant artwork and images
Because of the revealing nature of the story on this particular issue this may not be a good one for new readers to jump in on
No real explanation of what happened to Tangle prior to being rescued by Maria and Cible

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