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Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2 Review

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Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2 Review

The body count continues to climb as Dollman hunts down the Full Moon Universe!

At the beginning of August, Full Moon Comix began their journey with Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #1 and I loved it! It helps that the creators on board with the project are people who understand the brand and appreciate the characters and tongue-in-cheek humor that comes with Full Moon territory.

Brick Bardo AKA Dollman is a 13 inch cop from the planet Arturos. He chased one of his enemies through an energy band, so now he is stuck here on earth. Equipped with his custom made “Grogger Blaster,” he has set out to rid the world of the Full Moon Universe. Dollman took out the Demonic Toys and the Head of the Family in the premier issue. In Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2, the Dollman has his sites set on the puppets from Puppet Master and the umm…freak from Castle Freak. Let the games begin!

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Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2 Review

Full Moon’s version of Pinocchio

What’s the book about?

First up Bardo tracks down the deadly puppets from Puppet Master in Pulling Strings. The puppets were animated by an Egyptian spell. Their original master Andre Toulon owned the puppets in 1939 and discovered he could put souls into the puppets. He has since died but the puppets have lived on, causing terror and chaos over twelve sequels! Take that Freddy and Jason! Dollman encounters the puppets and their new master. Dollman takes no time in putting a bullet into the new master’s chest erasing the control that he had over the puppets.

Relying on the stories he had heard, Bardo assumes that he has just become the new puppets’ master. Testing his theory, he orders the puppets to turn on one another, hoping they will make light of his work and destroy each other. It works! And a battle royale between the puppets is on.

In the second story, Animal Lover, Dollman storms the castle looking for Castle Freak. Armed with heat seeking glasses and his blaster, he finds the freak and all hell breaks loose. The battle is fast and furious with little words said between the two. Trust me when I say the action speaks louder than words, but will Dollman finish off the Castle Freak?

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2 Review

Probably should have gone with a different pic for Tinder


The good

This issue hits hard and fast. There is a lot of action that makes for an entertaining book. Shawn Gabborin and Brockton McKinney are the Full Moon masters. Each of their scripts are on point with the Full Moon characters that have brought many of us joy on the screen. Gabborin writes an interesting twist with Dollman taking control over the puppets. The artwork captures the spotlight in this issue due to all of the carnage. Daniel Pascual’s work on the puppets in Pulling Strings is detailed and has a cinematic feel to it. The puppets look awesome and Simon Robbins’ colors are gorgeous, adding a dreadful feel to the story. Vivid, but deadly as the puppets are tricked into facing off against each other.

McKinney’s Bardo narration in Animal Lover is simple and to the point. It works for his story as the main focus is the battle between Dollman and the Castle Freak. I admire Jason Strutz’s artwork. He has a grittier style of art and does a nice job of making Dollman look older and weathered. The blood and gore have a more traditional feel and I dig the darker use of colors.

The bad

There isn’t much bad with the book. If you are a Full Moon fan, you will enjoy this issue just as much as I did. One thing I can say that is bad is that we had to wait so long for Full Moon to kick in and start creating comic books! Many nights I watched these guys on VHS and now DVD — it makes me happy to see them in comics. Full Moon can go in so many directions with these characters, I hope to see more!

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2 Review

Cooler than the other side of the pillow!

The ugly

Castle Freak is one ugly cat! The blood and gore are just as gruesome but damn it makes the book so attractive. There is only “ugly” in the best way possible here!

The verdict

If you dig Full Moon then it’s a must that you add this to your collection. Keep in mind, this is written by writers who know their subject. Gabborin and McKinney know these characters and are going to do by right by the Full Moon fans. There are instances where creators get their hands on a favorite character and sink the ship without blinking. There are no such concerns with this group of collaborators here. Buy this book and enjoy the gore!

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2 Review
Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #2
Is it good?
Fans of the Full Moon Universe are going to love it!
It's a lot of fun seeing the characters of the FMU in the pages of comics
Artwork is gritty and has a genuine horror feel to it
Dollman is one bad ass hunter!
This issue has a lot of action.
The story side of me would have liked a little more story and humor

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