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Avengers #7 Review

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Avengers #7 Review

Learn all about Ghost Rider of 1 million B.C.

The Avengers are more interesting than ever due to a big idea that we’ve only scarcely seen. That is, of course, the Avengers from 1 million B.C. It’s a crazy idea that is so huge you have to read it simply to see how it’s pulled off. And pulled off it will be, with writer extraordinaire Jason Aaron behind the helm.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

The cover alone tells you every reason why you must read this issue. Ghost Rider of 1 million B.C. is getting his own book. He’s the Ghost Rider, but in the past, he rode woolly mammoths. Wicked. It also begins the eventual explanation of how and why the Avengers were formed so long ago.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Avengers #7 Review

A boy who is smart in a world of idiots. Why does this sound familiar? Credit: Marvel Comics

This is a standalone origin story issue so if you dig those stop reading this review and go buy the damn book. Aaron introduces a young boy who lives among ape-men but has a level of intelligence that’s unmatched amongst them. He soon discovers there are monsters in the world and that they are real. It’s a mythical sort of story that is told literally but could easily spin out into old tales written on cave walls. The issue is split between the childhood of the Ghost Rider and then finally the character as an adult and powered up. It’s a good origin that gives you just enough to be interested but keeps things obscure enough in ways so that you’ll want to spend more time with the character.

The art is by Sara Pichelli, and she delivers. The very idea of a flaming woolly mammoth is absurd, but she makes it work splendidly. There are also some cool moments that explain how a stone age Ghost Rider could weld a chain which is quite cool. A big surprise is a villain who reveals themselves in a ferocious way with a different look that begets the age in which this takes place.

Avengers #7 Review

Don’t trust him boy! Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

The first five or so pages introduce the Ghost Rider as a boy as well as the villain, but we don’t get a good feel for who this kid is before turning into the spirit of vengeance. We learn he’s smart and special, but not much else. It’s also a bit sad in how he’s a coward, or must at least hide his intelligence so as to not get attacked by his ape-man brethren. On a certain level, a Ghost Rider doesn’t need to be the most complex of characters since he’s really all about vengeance, but there’s some precious time here that is wasted.

Is it good?

I’m 100% on board with the ancient Avengers concept and this issue delivers on the Ghost Rider origin. He rides a flaming woolly mammoth that shoots fire from its trunk. Nuff said.

Avengers #7 Review
Avengers #7
Is it good?
A good issue that starts to shed light on the Avengers of 1 million B.C.
A nice origin story
Good art, especially the design
Kicks start an explanation of this insane idea of a story
We don't learn much about the Ghost Rider character before he gets his powers or after even though there is page time to do it

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