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The Kamui cosplay collection


The Kamui cosplay collection

Cosplayer Kamui not only shows off her wonderful creations (from Monster Hunter to World of Warcraft) — she teaches you how she made them too!

Introducing Svetlana Quindt, AKA KamuiCosplay:

Not only does Svetlana put together some downright amazing cosplays — she’s also generous enough to teach you how she does most of them too.

Nergigante (Monster Hunter)

Zinogre Armor (Monster Hunter)

Nova (Starcraft)

Blood Elf Paladin in Judgement Armor (World of Warcraft)

Inferno Squad Leader (Star Wars: Battlefront II)

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And here is a little making of my Inferno Squad helmet for my Iden Versio costume! It‘s based on a papakura file and made made out of 5mm EVA foam in around 20 hours. I used contact cement to glue all pieces together and cleaned out all seams with a dremel. Afterwards Benni smoothed them out with Kwik Seal. We used a German Plastidip brand called Gummidip for priming. Benni then painted on a few red details and silver scratch marks. Afterwards he sealed it with satin gloss spray varnish directly onto the Gummidip. This resulted in a really nice and shiny finish. Overall this was one of the most challenging EVA foam builds I‘ve ever did and I had no idea if it will work until the very end! Finally I was just happy that all our work was worth it and I didn’t had to throw this thing away! Also I know the helmet isn’t perfect and a 3D print would look far better, but I simply liked the challenge and wanted to keep the build easy, affordable and possibly to follow for everybody. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂 #cosplay #costume #cosplaytutorial #cosplaywip #cosplayprogress #evafoam #evafoamarmor #evafoamcosplay #starwars #starwarscosplay #infernosquad #battlefront2 #starwarsbattlefront2 #idenversio #idenversiocosplay #starwarsbattlefrontii

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Malthael (Diablo III)

Pokemon Trainer

Symmetra (Overwatch)

Night Elf Druid (World of Warcraft)

Monk (Final Fantasy XIV)

Xena: Warrior Princess

Want to learn how to make a living creating/modeling cosplay? Head to Kamui’s official website and check out her cosplay tutorial books, including “Getting started with Cosplay – A Beginner’s Guide” and “The Book of Cosplay Armor Making.”

Twitter: @kamuicosplay

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