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Venom: First Host #3 Review

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Venom: First Host #3 Review

Venom learns more about the Symbiote’s past and gets a new Symbiote in the process!

The backstory for a character you did not know you needed is here, and it’s complex as hell. Yep, the Venom Symbiote had a crazy past of fighting in wars and bonding with Kree bastards. In this third issue, we learn more about that and also get a brand new character to eyeball in all its glory.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

The new movie is almost here, so why not read more Venom comics than you ever dreamed of? This series feels a bit more pertinent though, revealing new truths about the Symbiote and kick-starting new kinds of stories that continue to tie into space for Venom. Also, if you like Symbiote characters you have to read this. Note it!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Venom: First Host #3 Review

Wow, she’s strong! Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue speeds along much nicer than the last issue, not only giving us the Skrull perspective on what happened in the past (we got the Kree perspective last issue), but also getting the chase underway. Eddie’s Symbiote was stolen and he’s reduced to a naked man lying in a heap when the issue opens. By the end, he’s energized and ready for a new kind of fight. This issue kicks off a chase plot, but it also reveals a brand new character that fans are going to want to see.

Bagley designs this new character in a wild new kind of way. It’s not like other Symbiotes we’ve seen in the past like Carnage or Shocker, but something entirely new. Costa has even introduced new powers for the thing. It immediately supercharges the story as we’ll get a new kind of battle on our hands here with the Kree character wearing the Venom costume and Eddie wearing its offspring.

Venom: First Host #3 Review

More flashbacks. Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

This issue relies on the tried and true, “Believe the bad guy because what else are we going to do” plot device. We’re given evidence to believe her, but it’s somewhat lazy of a direction. There’s also a strange hiccup in the plot where we’re lead to believe the Kree character won’t be caught, but then the heroes get right over that with ease.

Narratively speaking it also continues to dump exposition-heavy flashback scenes on the reader. Surely there could have been a more seamless and interesting way to deliver these scenes. The characters tend to be rather flat with baseline emotions to deal with. There isn’t a lot here if you are looking for complexity, but as an action and sci-fi story it does the job.

Is it good?

This is a fun series mostly because it’s adding new layers to the Venom character while also creating new ones. The Symbiote introduced in this issue should be great fun to see in the next issue and the action is ramping up for one heck of a conclusion.

Venom: First Host #3
Is it good?
An entertaining third issue ramps up the reveals and backstory.
A brand new Symbiote is introduced!
More flashbacks flesh out the Venom Symbiote's back story
Bagley continues to draw great panels
The plotting could be better as characters just believe strangers so as to move the plot forward

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