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Is It Any Good? Sex and the City 2

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Is It Any Good? Sex and the City 2

Hollywood is always coming up with new stuff to stretch a series till it’s paper thin.

So now we have an entire series and a film surrounding Carrie and her New York gang. Is there really anything left to cover after the first film? Well as we all know, Hollywood is always coming up with new stuff to stretch a series till it’s paper thin. Now I’m not necessarily saying that Sex and the City 2 is paper thin, but it’s for sure not nearly strong as the very substantive series or the 2008 film. I think there’s an obvious reason for it not having enough substance: what could characters face at this point that hasn’t been covered or overcome? We all thought they got their happy endings at the end of the series, but then the writers for the 2008 film proved that more could be told without it being a completely unnecessary add on. So with all that being said, is there any more that could possibly be done?

For this film, the writers are basically giving a luxurious vacation to these girls, with a couple of very minor issues to deal with. The two characters with the issues are Carrie and Charlotte, which is halfway surprising since historically Charlotte hasn’t been as big a character as the other women. It’s only halfway shocking because Carrie is always the biggest character, and therefore she will always have a problem to overcome. But honestly, though there are issues presented, they’re extremely small. This only leaves us with the charm and classic character trademarks of these women to ride on.

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The film kicks off with the wedding of Stanford (Willie Garson) and Anthony (Mario Cantone). I really like this as a way to kick off everything for two reasons: 1) it’s just a heartwarming joyous thing to start a film with two classic characters from the series tying the knot 2) it’s just great seeing these characters who have hated each other for so long fall in love finally. And of course it’s awesome to see the LGBTQ representation. So after this wedding, we start to see each of the women’s lives and what they’re currently facing, which leads to the “need” for them to all go off to Abu Dhabi together. And then that’s when the meat of the film comes in. Well it’s not really meat so much as it’s just light and sometimes amusing circumstances.Is It Any Good? Sex and the City 2The quality of this film and the level of enjoyability is pretty spotty and is contingent on whether you’re a SATC fan. There are some scenes that are well done and have fairly amusing material, like some of the comedy that comes from the women, mainly Samantha in this case. The comedy is diminished though, the first film had better comedic material. And one problem I had with this sequel as far as comedy goes was Miranda; her sarcasm and sharp wit is nonexistent here, she’s a very cheery peppy Miranda in this one and I wasn’t a fan. There are some pretty good heartfelt scenes though and the sweet moments work better than the comedy. But for me that’s problematic because Sex and the City always had such good comedy. Apart from that, there’s still good obvious chemistry between all the characters. And yes some of the scenes are enjoyable enough simply because it’s them doing fun things together, but it just feels off in a way this time around.Is It Any Good? Sex and the City 2The scenery is a big help here, because when the material is weak, at least you got all this breathtaking scenery to gawk at. I realize that’s not really saying a whole lot, but it’s something. And you’ve still got the abundant Prada to stare at in awe. I feel bad about that though because before I defended the hell out of all the over the top fashion because there was actually good material to go with it and it is a part of the charm and fun. Here, it’s a big part of what’s keeping this thing afloat- along with our main stars.

Putting it simply, here’s what the film going for it: the intro, the Prada, and the charm/chemistry of our main characters. But unfortunately the narrative is very much lacking, and there are virtually no stakes raised so it becomes daunting to a certain extant. I really hate this sequel wasn’t better because I’m such a big fan and these characters will forever hold a place in my heart. I’m still a forever SATC fan, but I have to be honest about the disappointing nature of this film.

Is It Any Good? Sex and the City 2
Sex and the City 2
Is it any good?
Sex and the City disappoints with it's lack of a good narrative and it's lack of the sharp wit that made SATC so good.
The main actresses are still as great as ever
The chemisty between the characters is there
The breathtaking scenery
The beautiful clothes and shoes
Lacks a good narrative to support the film
Virtually no stakes are raised
The sharp comedic wit is missing
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