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DC Comics adds classic stories to DC Black Label imprint

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DC Comics adds classic stories to DC Black Label imprint

DC Black Label to expand 2019 slate with ‘Watchmen’, ‘The Killing Joke’, and more classic stories.

If you’re a fan of putting things in order or just have OCD you are going to love DC Comics latest news. Today, DC announced a treasure trove of classic (and in some cases legendary as they put it) comics are going to be living under the DC Black Label line. DC Black Label is a recent publishing line which kicked off with Batman Damned that instantly caused a stir thanks to some revealing shots of Bruce Wayne’s penis. Since that uproar DC Comics has stated they will not be including nudity in future DC Black Label books. In fact, Jim Lee didn’t make this a selling point at the SDCC press breakfast this year and instead pointed out it was to give creators more time, a larger format, and to allow creators to write new stories that aren’t in canon.

At that press event, Lee said, “We recognize that a lot of the best selling elements of our backlist were created in the mid ’80s, and during that time we gave a lot of creative freedom to the some of the biggest names in the industry with some of the most iconic characters and this stuff had never been done before.” That makes this recent move to bring older titles into the label a logical step. At the same event, Lee said DC Black Label is trying to harken back to that time but also accommodate top talent who “can’t commit to a monthly book or twice monthly book or weekly book, for sure.”

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Read all about DC Comics’ new shift to move older titles under the DC Black Label line in the full press release below.

DC announced today that some of its most legendary stories will now be a part of the DC Black Label imprint. The recently launched publishing line, dedicated to giving premier writers and artists the ability to tell unique, standalone stories set outside DC continuity, will release several iconic comic book collections featuring the most famous DC heroes from the archives beginning this December through the end of 2019.

“The DC Black Label line will house the best and most evergreen stories from DC,” says DC Publisher Dan DiDio. “The company has a long history that includes some of the most recognizable and renowned storytelling in comics and we want to honor that history by putting them under one banner.”

The quintessential tales that first inspired the creation of the line include complex and emotionally engaging narratives with stunning visual storytelling from some of the greatest creators in the industry. The list of reprinted collections and their release dates through 2019 can be found below:

· ALL-STAR SUPERMAN–Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely–available 12/04/2018

· DC: THE NEW FRONTIER–Darwyn Cooke–available 2/19/2019

· WATCHMEN (HC w/new slipcase)–Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons–available 3/26/2019

· KINGDOM COME–Mark Waid & Alex Ross–available 4/23/2019

· RONIN–Frank Miller & Lynn Varley– available 5/07/2019

· ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER VOL. 1–Miller & Jim Lee and BATMAN: YEAR ONE–Miller & David Mazzucchelli–available 6/11/2019


· BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT: THE MASTER RACE–Miller & Brian Azzarello & Andy Kubert & Janson–available 6/25/2019

· LUTHOR 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION and THE JOKER 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION –Azzarello & Lee Bermejo–available 7/09/2019

· BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM–Morrison & Dave McKean–available 8/13/2019

· THE JOKER: DELUXE EDITION–Azzarello & Bermejo–available 9/10/2019

· BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE–Moore & Brian Bolland–available 9/17/2019

· WATCHMEN (TP)–Moore & Gibbons–available 9/24/2019

· BATMAN: YEAR 100–Paul Pope–available 10/08/2019

· SUPERMAN: RED SON–Mark Millar & Dave Johnson & Andrew Robinson & Killian Plunkett & Walden Wong–available 10/22/2019

· BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN–Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale–11/05/2019

· BLACK ORCHID–Neil Gaiman & McKean–11/12/2019

· BATMAN: DARK VICTORY–Loeb & Sale–11/26/2019

· BATMAN: HAUNTED KNIGHT–Loeb & Sale–12/17/2019

· CATWOMAN: WHEN IN ROME–Loeb & Sale–12/31/2019

These collected editions are in addition to new original content that was previously announced. To see more of what’s to come from DC Black Label, check out

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