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Uncanny X-Men #2 review

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Uncanny X-Men #2 review

The mysteries–and curveballs–continue to pile up for the X-Men as “X-Men Disassembled” enters week two!

Another week, another issue of the newly relaunched Uncanny X-Men. While my wallet may not love the idea of a weekly X-title, as an X-Fan, I’m 100% behind this new normal. Also, my wallet’s an inanimate object, so who cares what it thinks?

Following last week’s giant-sized debut issue, which was overflowing with mysteries… we’re not much closer to having any answers. I figured I’d be upfront about that, as there are surely going to be readers who pick this comic up hoping to learn more about that big reveal at the end of Uncanny X-Men #1’s lead story. This story’s in no hurry to put all its cards on the table, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who’s read mini-series like Phoenix Resurrection and Extermination by Uncanny co-writers Matthew Rosenberg and Ed Brisson, respectively.

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The thing about those two stories is they’re great, which is why I have no reason to doubt the epic the co-writers are constructing piece by piece, along with Kelly Thompson and their artistic collaborators. Also, this isn’t the Uncanny trio of talent’s first rodeo–they know what they’re doing here. There’s no time for readers to grow frustrated with the series’ mysteries when this comic is so entertaining.

Uncanny X-Men #2 review

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

With Uncanny X-Men #2, it’s truly sinking in… these aren’t angsty X-Men, these are the funny X-Men (dare I say… the FUNcanny X-Men???). From the banter between Jean Grey and Iceman to the banter between Nightcrawler and Jubilee, these are X-Men readers actually wants to spend time with. Even when Bishop is trying to follow up on a plot point from last issue and Bobby completely derails it to tell a bad ice joke.

It’s those little moments that help cement faith in Brisson, Rosenberg and Thompson as Marvel’s flagship X-Men storytellers. So much of this latest volume of Uncanny X-Men feels effortlessly perfect thanks to little touches that embody the spirit of the franchise. There’s a scene where two cops are casually being racist toward mutants within earshot of Beast. Just a few simple panels that remind readers that being a mutant’s no picnic. But the X-Men soldier on.

Speaking of Beast, just getting to see Hank in his lab providing some good old-fashioned eXposition to his teammates is a welcome change of pace. How many years did we spend hating Beast? Or watching others chew him out? This is much more refreshing. Look, if I want to roll my eyes at endless bickering over philosophical differences, I’ll go to my Facebook newsfeed.

Did I mention there’s some fun involving dinosaurs throughout this issue? Because… why not?

Uncanny X-Men #2 review

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Helping to bring those dinosaurs to life this issue is artist R.B. Silva, who illustrated some of X-Men Blue and Gold’s best story arcs. I’m very pleased Marvel kept Silva in the X-family and let him play in the Uncanny sandbox. While I loved me some time-displaced, teenage X-Men, I’m glad the artist has a chance to leave his visual stamp on their adult counterparts. That’s not to say he doesn’t do a terrific job with this book’s own teens–Glob and Rockslide being especially well rendered.

Also great… Silva’s pencils on that scene involving X-23 and a T-Rex. Well, you’ll see.

Clearly, I continue to enjoy this take on the X-Men and all of its chaos-causing Multiple Men. If there’s a downside–aside from the fact that there’s no time to follow up on every mystery introduced last week–it’s that you need to know your recent X-history to have a full sense of what’s going on. I made sure to read everything from New Mutants: Dead Souls to every Hunt for Wolverine mini-series before Uncanny X-Men #1 hit the shelves. Despite my efforts, a character shows up in this issue that, I’ll admit, I wasn’t following the last time they came around. While you won’t get lost upon their arrival, I do think readers would benefit from knowing this character’s current status quo. I definitely need to pick up some back issues before next Wednesday rolls around, that’s for sure.

Yep! That’s right, I’ll be back again next week, because two issues in, this volume of Uncanny X-Men continues to be a very entertaining celebration of everything the X-Men should be. Also, didn’t you hear? Cyclops is finally coming back in a couple of issues–I’m not going anywhere!Uncanny X-Men #2 reviewSince their debut in 1963, the X-Men have sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them. But you know what? Here at AiPT!, we’ve got nothing but love for Marvel’s mighty mutants! To celebrate the long-awaited return of Uncanny X-Men, AiPT! Brings you UNCANNY X-MONTH: 30 days of original X-Men content. Hope you survive the experience…

Uncanny X-Men #2 review
Uncanny X-Men #2
Is it good?
Likable characters, witty banter, never-ending mysteries and dinosaurs--this is why people love the X-Men.
This is a masterclass in nailing the tone of classic X-Men stories.
Brisson, Rosenberg and Thompson remind readers why we love Jean, Bobby and the rest of the X-Men.
After stellar work on X-Men Blue and Gold, I'm happy to see R.B. Silva working on Marvel's flagship X-Men series.
Those who seek answers to last issue's biggest questions will have to keep waiting.
If you haven't been following a certain character that shows up this issue, you may be scratching your head a bit.

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