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Widows (Movie) Review: Crime drama is uplifted by capable directing and fine acting

‘Widows’ is a very well done crime drama.

Most people are watching a football game on Thanksgiving Day but not me. No, instead I decided to go to the movies and boy am I glad that I did because Widows was for sure a good time. I mean I didn’t really doubt that it would be a good film, because of the immense talent involved. Not only is it directed by Steve McQueen (Shame, 12 Years a Slave) but it also stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Robert Duvall, Elizabeth Debicki, and Cynthia Erivo (who I immensely impressed by in Bad Times at the El Royale). One might would question if a film like this could have any flaws at all with all these people attached but it’s defnitely good.

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By far the best thing this film has going for it is the cast. They really deliver the material in a strong powerful way. Viola Davis commands every single scene she’s in, ranging from being emotionally raw to being just badass. Cynthia Erivo is for sure a brand new star in Hollywood, I mean, I knew she had it in Bad Times, but I think this performance combined with the other solidifies it. I’m very excited about seeing more of her. Michelle Rodriguez is really good here, and I really enjoyed seeing her venture outside of her comfort zone to be involved in a film like this. Colin Farrell was a very good fit for his role, I’ve always been a fan of him, especially in a dramatic role. Neeson was fine, he didn’t have a whole lot to do but he did well with what he had. But I’ll tell you who really caught my attention, and stood out to me is Elizabeth Debicki, I thought she was so passionate and genuine in her performance. This is a story about people fighting back against the forces at be, so strong and commanding performances are very much necessary.

The story is about one central thing as I thought it would be from the trailers, but what I didn’t expect were some of the interesting subplots that the film works in. There’s a very interesting one that is introduced after a twist is revealed, and I will say that I didn’t expect this one. What’s very impressive to me is how this film manages to balance a couple subplots with the main story that’s being followed.

This is for a well written film. as it gives enough material to each of the main characters. The film is directed very well, each scene filmed in a captivating way. You can really tell a difference when the directing is poor and McQueen succeeds here.

Widows is not without its issues, even with all the great positives it has to offer. The one thing that I just couldn’t really get past was that even though I liked where they were going with one of the subplots, they didn’t fully flesh it out. I was left to connect a couple dots to make complete sense out of it. While it is a rather minor complaint, since everything else was done so well, it would’ve been nice to have had those last little details paid attention to. There aren’t really any other negatives I can think of, everything else is solid.

Widows didn’t shake me to my core or have me saying it’s one of the best of the year but it is a very well done crime drama. I suggest this film due to the performances alone, they really are that good.

Is it good?
Widows is a solid crime drama because of it's captivating performances and interesting subplots.
Captivating performances by the talented cast
A couple interesting subplots
Great directing
Well written dialogue
A subplot isn't fully fleshed out

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