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Return of Wolverine #3 Review

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Return of Wolverine #3 Review

Logan must fight those he loves in this strong third issue.

Everyone’s favorite short, scrappy, and hairy superhero is back alive, but he is not well. In this third chapter Wolverine must battle his inability to remember the past, the main villain rears her head, and the hot claws get another swing in the general vicinity of the enemy!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Um, arguably the greatest superhero ever is back and we want to know how! Charles Soule has done a great job hammering home Wolverine’s heroism and overall good nature in these first three issues, but that all comes into question with Logan taking on the X-Men.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Return of Wolverine #3 Review

Is that Xavier over Jean?
Credit: Marvel Comics

Can we give it up for Declan Shalvey? The art style isn’t your typically hyper-detailed, ripped beyond belief superhero stuff with a sense of presence that’s realistic and also cool. Logan is hairy as hell and kind-natured in his depiction, but when fighting is required he’s as vicious as they come. How Shalvey draws the flashbacks is quite solid too, as they are somber and a touch confused in how Logan perceives them. What is going on overall is still in question but these flashbacks help give us a sense of where Logan is coming from when he makes decisions (some of which are very bad in this issue).

It’s not a big spoiler to say there’s a lot of Logan vs. X-Men action in this issue. This is the main thrust of the plot in this issue, which certainly has more weight to it when you consider Dead Man Logan has Old Man Logan attempting to prevent himself (or any other version of himself) from ruthlessly slaughtering all the heroes. Oh, and all the fighting going down is quite great visually as well as some clever strategy Logan uses on a hero or two.

The main villain Persephone finally gets some major page time this issue and she’s delectably evil on her throne. It’s yet to be revealed what her deal is, but she’s got a lot of power and money that is for sure. She’s playing the evil villain in the tower bit quite well here.

Return of Wolverine #3 Review

Weird place. Almost like it’s all fake.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

This issue is certainly better than the last, but if you’re looking for answers you won’t get much. We’re still guessing at what Logan has been through and why and the plot relies heavily on Logan’s confusion. One could argue the trope of Logan being manipulated and mad as hell about it is on full display, making this an ode to all the Wolverine stories before it, but it’s tiresome to not get clues beyond the weird Logan talking to Logan flashbacks.

Is it good?

A better issue than the last and one that comes with a heavy dose of X-Men action. Thanks to the well-drawn fight scene and clever bits of story, this issue is well worth a look. Logan is mad as hell and he has plenty of reason to pop those claws.

Return of Wolverine #3 Review
Return of Wolverine #3
Is it good?
A strong third chapter. Logan is mad as hell and he has plenty of reason to pop those claws.
Lots of great action and strong visuals
Some clever bits and bobs of detail from flashbacks to Logan's strategy on fighting the X-Men
Persephone finally shows up!
There are so few answers you're basically walking in the dark with this one

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