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Movies to look forward to in December


Movies to look forward to in December

December looks to be a good month for movie fans.

The year comes to a close with a pair of comic book movies, another likely box office smash from Disney, and a near ninety year old drug mule. Will the last month of 2018 end the year on a high note or will movie goers be disappointed?

December 7

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Mary, Queen of Scots (Nationwide): Did you know the phrase “Oscar bait” has been used since the late 1940s but the first film to use the Oscars for marketing purposes was 1978’s The Deer Hunter? Stars multiple Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan and Academy Award Nominee Margot Robbie in a period piece set in the 16th century.

December 12

Once Upon a Deadpool (Limited): Do you know a teenager who missed out on the fun of the R rated Deadpool 2? Or did you like the raunchy sequel so much you want to see a PG-13 recut of it? Or maybe you just want to see if a filtered Deadpool works in the more family friendly MCU. Here is you change to find out.

December 14

Mortal Engines (Nationwide): Do you like steampunk? What about post-apocalyptic settings? This may be the movie for you. Tom and Hester have been banished from their motorized city and must now fend for themselves.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Nationwide): Did you realize that this will be the third movie of 2018 somehow related to the Spider-Man universe? Infinity War had people talking for months and Venom was surprisingly good. This animated feature looks like it will make Spidey fans happy.

The Mule (Nationwide): Did you know this movie about an almost 90 year old drug mule is based on a true story? The trailer is engaging while the movie has a powerful cast.

Vox Lux (Limited): Did you know that Natalie Portman has called Vox Lux the most political movie of her career? Portman stars as a pop star who survived a horrible tragedy as a child.

December 19

Mary Poppins Returns (Nationwide): Did you know P.L.Travers the author of the Mary Poppins series of books disliked the movie so much in her will she asked that another movie version no be made? This movie version stars Emily Blunt as the iconic Poppins visiting the Banks children after they have grown up.

December 21

Aquaman (Nationwide): Did you know that scene in the trailer when Aquaman sneers, “Permission to board?” is not supposed to be funny? Aquaman and the DC Extended Universe have both received a lot of flack over the years, but this trailer has received positive reviews.

Welcome to Marwen (Nationwide): Do you know Welcome to Marwen is inspired by the documentary Marwencol about a tragic attack against Mark Hogancamp?  After the assault, Hogancamp was left with severe memory loss. He creates a World War II village representing people in his life.

Bumblebee (Nationwide): Do you know that Bumblebee is a set twenty years before the first Transformers movie? The announcement of the movie was met with laughter but the trailer looks surprisingly good.

Second Act (Nationwide): Did you know that this is not a sequel to Maid in Manhattan? This follows a mother returning to the workforce after creating a Facebook page.

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