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Supergirl #25 Review

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Supergirl #25 Review

Supergirl continues to be an interesting title that runs alongside the rest of the SuperLine.

Supergirl returns to Krypton for the first time in many years in a fantastic story written by Marc Andreyko with artwork by the ever fantastic Emanuela Lupacchino. Also included in the issue is a smile-inducing and heartwarming Christmas story by Dan Jurgens and Tom Derenick. The other backup story within the issue by Andreyko and Brad Walker is a fun little Indiana Jones-style story about Z’ndr, one of the side characters in the main story. Curiously, the summary mentions a Krypto story which isn’t present, however it doesn’t mention the Christmas story by Jurgens, which was completely worth it.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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It’s a super-sized issue of SUPERGIRL!

Supergirl and Krypto go back to the “scene of the crime”–the ruins of Krypton! With Z’ndr hitchhiking, Supergirl is not only there to find clues on who the killers of Krypton are, but to pay her respects to her dead family and friends for the first time since she left the planet. But a mysterious caretaker whose duty is to protect Krypton’s remnants at all costs attacks and won’t let Kara through! As if that weren’t enough, the Kryptonian powerhouse and her super-powered pooch are stricken with radiation poisoning from the dead planet and must also fight their inner demons!

This anniversary issue also includes two backup stories! First, witness the thoughts and fears of Krypto as he is affected by the radiation poisoning from the wreckage of Krypton. Then, learn more about our new hitchhiker, Z’ndr Khol, as he scavenges a booby-trapped ruin in a remote corner of the galaxy in an off-the- wall space adventure!

Supergirl #25 Review
DC Comics

Tell me about it!

The main story within Supergirl has been really interesting since it started back in August and this issue isn’t any different. It’s fantastic how Supergirl ties in with the rest of the SuperLine in a perfect way, telling part of Bendis’s overall story using Supergirl while also being super focused on its own protagonist and having the stakes be personal. Having Kara forced to go home to Krypton to find out why it was destroyed and who the cabal behind it was is a really good idea as it means she has to deal with what she knew before the cataclysm. I’m not completely sure of the villain but she has potential which we’ll probably see in the next issue, which seems to dive into it.

The second story isn’t anything to really write home about, but it’s a fun Indiana Jones style story with some really nice art from Brad Walker. Z’ndr himself looks like a green Chris Pratt which is always kind of funny.

The final story is the best in my opinion. Dan Jurgens isn’t a writer that usually hits me with the emotional beats but this one is absolutely amazing. It really captures the feeling of needing a piece of home when you’re away while also showing that sometimes it’s better to let go of the past if it can help someone who needs a pick-up more. Tom Derenick’s art within this backup story is also some of the best in the issue and fits the tone so well. He conveys all the emotions Kara goes through fantastically and is just a perfect choice for this story.

Supergirl #25 Review
Supergirl #25
Is it good?
Another fantastic issue from Andreyko with a superb backup by Dan Jurgens.
The backup by Jurgens and Derenick brings the score up alone since it's one of the best Christmas related comic stories I've read.
The main story continues to be interesting with great writing by Andreyko and some stunning art by Lupacchino.

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