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Spider-Gwen officially changes her name in ‘Spider-Geddon’ #5

Don’t be shocked, this has been anticipated for some time.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned

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If you’re a fan of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse you might want to prick up your ears for this news. The fan favorite Spider-Gwen is finally, officially changing her name. Sure, she had her own series with the new name, but now we know why she has switched up her name. In the last issue of Spider-Geddon, Gwen has decided on switching things up thanks to a shout out from a friend.

Hmmm that’s catchy why don’t we…

Heck, with an official name title like that how can you not go with Ghost-Spider? It remains to be seen why the editors wanted to switch it up, but we know for certain from now on Spider-Gwen is Ghost-Spider (hyphen necessary!).

I highly recommend reading the entire issue, which you can purchase digitally today.


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