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Unnatural #6 review: Trust issues and great art

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Unnatural #6 review: Trust issues and great art

Things continue to unravel in Leslie’s life as ‘Unnatural’ reaches the halfway point.

As Mirka Andolfo’s Unnatural has unfolded, the story has become more action packed and overtly sinister. The first arc had its share of action-packed moments, but the majority of the tension was in comments made by characters and conveyed through the tone of the comic. Issue #6 sees the most action to date, as well as a greater focus on resolving some of the questions asked since the debut issue.

The pacing for Unnatural #6 (and the series in general) is well done. One of the strongest points of the entire run of Unnatural has been its strong openings and this issue is no different as it starts with one of the scariest moments of the story. The first few pages immediately engage readers. From uncomfortable scares, the sixth issue seamlessly transitions to tense encounters followed by revelations and introspection. This is a fast paced comic that throws a lot at the reader. However, it never seems like too much. 

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The themes of friendship and trust remain very important in Unnatural’s narrative. It has been clear from the very beginning that Leslie has been able to put up with so much thanks to her friendship with Derek and Trish. There have been cracks in her demeanor, but Leslie’s two friends have helped her patch them up. Once the blue haired pig lost her two friends, her world started to completely unravel. She seems to be unable to make decisions and now has no one to assure her whenever she asks a question about life. Leslie has been taken in by a new group, but she cannot completely trust them — and she may be right.

Andolfo has done a great job of crafting a story of self-discovery. The last two issues of Unnatural have not just shown the strength of Leslie’s friendships, but the importance of them. She did not just depend on her friends, she needed them. It is obvious that Leslie will have to find the inner strength to deal with the upcoming conflicts in her life and it will be interesting to see her character develop.

Unnatural #6 review: Trust issues and great art

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Andolfo’s art still has the same dark look that Unnatural has taken on since Leslie’s life has been reduced to shambles, however there are now more eye catching splash pages. What makes these pages stand out is they all are a different style. These are not a simple matter of epic battles or heroic poses. The pages range from erotic to frightening to psychedelic. Andolfo continues to bring new elements to her book, keeping it fresh and exciting.

As the story of Leslie’s independence and destiny continues, there has been one unwelcome change to Unnatural. Andolfo’s comic has always had a daring sense of originality to it. There have been many stories that have used anthropomorphic characters to tackle serious societal issues. The characters of Unnatural are not just stand-ins for real life emotions or evils, however. They are well rounded characters.

Unnatural #6 review: Trust issues and great art

Image Comics

It has been obvious there’s been something special about Leslie from the first issue of Unnatural. However, it seems the plot is going in a “chosen one” route which is surprisingly bland based on the creativity seen in previous issues. That being said, Andolfo took what looked to be little more than simple erotica and turn it into a deep story. Unnatural still has six issues to go and a lot can happen.

Unnatural has really ramped up the character development of its main character. There has never been any question Leslie is the star of the book and watching her development has become increasingly interesting with each issue. It should be fun to see where the second half of the book goes.

Unnatural #6
Is it good?
The maturation of Leslie continues in an issue that highlights the difficulty of gaining independence when there is no one to trust.
The importance of friendship and trust continue to be explored
Leslie continues to grow in a very natural way
Different styles of art
Some tropes are starting to be used
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