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The Freeze #2 Review

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The Freeze #2 Review

Nailing a debut arc is quite a thing to do, but the creative team has hit the target.

One of the hardest things about the apocalypse is establishing a new world order. Great upheavals demand great change. In storytelling this presents us with a great new take on society. Luckily The Freeze offers up an interesting new world order that is teasing something calamitous on the horizon.

Frozen world

With the all of humanity seemingly frozen over, our protagonist, Ray, is in a precarious spot. As the one man who can “unfreeze” people, he holds a particular amount of semi-divine power. Understandably, not everyone is fine with this.

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The Freeze #2 Review
There’s always a crazy one. Image Comics

This forms the central theme of this issue: Power. In this new world, Ray, despite having the power to “wake up” the frozen masses, isn’t in the best situation. There are people who can’t handle what the world has become. There are people who are turning to their worst impulses to cope with the apocalypse. And Ray has to ask the difficult questions. Who should be saved, and what happens when it’s the wrong people?

The Freeze posits an interesting end of the world that continues to stay ice fresh. There’s a lot of fascinating potential ways this series could go. Right now I know only this: Picking up the next issue is my main priority.

Other notes

The creative team continues to shine. Dan Wickline’s originality here shines with this bizarre end of the world scenario. The pacing and characters feel well done and natural. Despite a minor hiccup near the start where a lot of words cover a lot of page space, the writing feels well done. On the other hand, Philip Sevy’s art complements the tone of the story very well. Every color feels right in its place with soft blues hues and blood red drops.

The Freeze #2 Review
The contrast here is great. Image Comics

In conclusion, The Freeze continues a strong start begun with issue one, hopefully to continue well into the future. Nailing a debut arc is quite a thing to do, but the creative team has hit the target.

The Freeze #2 Review
The Freeze #2
Is it good?
If you want a quite unsettling apocalypse story, look no further.
Great characters
Great art
Great originality
There's a bit of a word dump near the beginning.

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