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AiPT!'s Cyclops Week Primer

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AiPT!’s Cyclops Week Primer

Ahead of Cyclops Week, revisit our past Scott Summers content!

At long last, Cyclops is finally back! We think. Either way, we’re set to learn more about Scott Summers’ return from the dead on the final page of Extermination #5 on January 23, when Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 by writer Ed Brisson and artist Carlos Gomez is released.

To commemorate the occasion, AiPT! is rechristening January 21-27 CYCLOPS WEEK!

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That’s right, Cyclops fans–seven days of content celebrating the one and only Slim Summers! In the spirit of this past November’s Uncanny X-Month, we’ll have eXclusive interviews with past, present and possibly future X-Creators, in-depth articles and opinion pieces, including guest contributor Trent Seely’s five-part “The Life & Tragedies of Scott Summers” series, and much more. Basically, if you’re a fan of Cyclops, or the X-Men, in general, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve bookmarked AiPT! (as if you haven’t already!)

But Cyclops Week won’t be the first time we’ve discussed the controversial mutant leader on our site. To tide you over until January 21, here’s a list of links to past content focused on or featuring mentions of Cyclops!


Jordan D. White‘2019 is gonna change everything for the X-Men’ – An interview with X-Men Group Editor Jordan D. White

Leah WilliamsX-fan-turned-X-writer Leah Williams talks X-Men, why Emma Frost and Jean Grey should be friends and more

Ed BrissonUncanny X-Men writer Ed Brisson talks X-Force and Kid Cable, why Glob is useless, the appeal of Cyclops and more

Matthew Rosenberg – FAN EXPO Boston 2018: Writer Matthew Rosenberg talks Uncanny X-Men, Banshee’s return, Cyclops and more

Fabian Nicieza – Revisiting the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey with X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza

Ed Piskor – Cooler than Wolverine: An interview with ‘X-Men: Grand Design’ creator Ed Piskor

Chris Bachalo – Artist Chris Bachalo talks influences, monsters and X-Men at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

Cullen Bunn – Cullen Bunn discusses… everything: An interview with the prolific X-Men: Blue writer

Chris Claremont – Fastball Questions: Talking X-Men With Writer Chris Claremont

Convention Coverage

FAN EXPO Boston 2018: Cyclops or Wolverine – X-Men actress Famke Janssen (and her fans) choose

ComiCONN 2018: X-Factor writer Bob Layton on Cyclops’ controversial decision to leave his family for Jean Grey


Meet Cyclops’ new X-Men and Apocalypse’s X-Tracts in Marvel’s March 2019 X-Men solicitations

First look at bearded Cyclops in February’s Uncanny X-Men #11

Cyclops returns, Wolverine goes cosmic and the Age of X-Man begins in Marvel’s February 2019 solicitations

See how Cullen Bunn plays tribute to the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey in X-Men Blue #36 [Spoilers]


The X-Men-Weezer connection: Does it go deeper than ‘In the Garage’?

Cyclops prepares to ‘Set It Right’ in ‘Extermination’ – But what could ‘it’ be?

Cyclops Watch: SDCC 2018 Edition – Is Scott Summers Extermination’s ‘man in the hood’?


AiPT! Podcast Episode 18: The X-Men Showdown: Cyclops vs. Wolverine


Check back Monday, January 21 when Cyclops Week officially kicks off!

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