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Cyclops Watch: SDCC 2018 Edition – Is Scott Summers Extermination’s ‘man in the hood’?

Following SDCC 2018’s X-Men panel reveals, we wonder if Extermination’s man in the hood is none other than Cyclops.

From AiPT!, the website that brought you the Weekly Wolverine Watch, comes a new column that’s all-new, all-different–and far more adored by Jean Grey: Cyclops Watch! That’s right, Cyclops Watch is your source for the latest Cyclops resurrection news from a writer who’s subconsciously determined to become the internet’s most prolific Scott Summers-focused journalist… apparently (because he’s written a lot about Cyclops).

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In the first-ever Cyclops Watch, we’ll be digging into the news coming out of the X-Men panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018, as reported by AiPT!’s Media and Content Manager David Brooke. Specifically, the theory that the hooded figure on the newly revealed cover to Extermination #4 is none other than Cyclops. If you missed David’s story, here’s that lovely Mark Brooks cover Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski teased:

If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s a homage to John Byrne’s iconic cover to Uncanny X-Men #137, which featured Cyclops in the place of that mysterious hooded figure holding onto modern Jean Grey.When I first saw the image during AiPT!’s live tweeting of the panel, my mind immediately raced to Cyclops’ Age of Apocalypse costume, which featured a similar chunky, single strap across the chest. And my fellow X-fanatic Zachary Jenkins of the X-Men fan site Xavier Files also thought Scott instantly.“There are three big tells,” Jenkins told me. “The fact that Extermination #4 is an Uncanny #137 homage and Jean is already there. The fact that this is a big O5 story. And the fact that Marvel PR has heavily hinted at Cyke coming back in this event. Look at the reaction to Batman #50 for what happens when you bait fans with something they really want and don’t deliver.”

So let’s say that is Cyclops in the hood. Does he originate in Extermination’s apocalyptic future (20 years from now)? Is he a time traveler? Or maybe an alternate Scott (AlterScott–someone trademark that).

“If this isn’t our Cyclops, it will lead to ours coming back,” Jenkins added.

Now, this could all be misdirection–and sure, it could be Nate Grey–but all signs point to it being Scott. As Jenkins pointed out in a tweet, there’s a panel dedicated to the mysterious figure touching a possibly dead O5 Cyclops’ head, while another shows a single glimmer within the hood. One eye, eh?And while a glowing eye, a penchant for traveling through time and the “Countdown to Extermination” teaser at the end of Cable #159 could make fans think the man in the hood is in fact Cyclops’ son, preview art from Extermination #1 that appeared on CBR revealed Cable. Our hooded figure has sleeves. Cable hates sleeves.

Wait… unless that hooded figure is…No, no, that’s not right at all.

Anyway, if you believe Astonishing X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg, this entire article is a huge waste of your time because there appear to be no plans for the true Scott Summers to rise from the dead, according to David’s reporting.

You hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand angry Cyclops fans pretending to optic blast their computers to pieces. Be cool, Cykeophiles–Cyclops Watch will continue to bring you the latest Cyclops resurrection news and speculation as it breaks!


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