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Every X-Men detail reported at the SDCC 2018 panel

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Every X-Men detail reported at the SDCC 2018 panel

Every new detail revealed about X-Men comics coming soon.

Early Sunday morning, Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski moderated the X-Men Panel with Sina Grace, Seanan McGuire, Matthew Rosenberg, and Tom Taylor on hand to talk all things mutants.

Every X-Men detail reported at the SDCC 2018 panel

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Cebulski let the audience know there will be a panel exclusive comic handed out which got the crowd very hyped (it’s a variant copy of X-23 #1). Spoilers were already flying with the reveal McGuire will be writing an X-Men: Black comic and wedding details would be spoiled too.

Extermination is a new series that Matthew Rosenberg said is the must-read X-Men book that “is going to change everything.” The book will be coming out this August. A lot happens in this book: “death, birth, rebirth,” Cebulski said. Cebulski also said answers about the original five X-Men will be a big part of Extermination.

Sina Grace was next up to talk about Iceman #1 out in September. “Iceman is an omega-level mutant and we’re going to get to play with that,” Sina said. “We have Mr. Sinister who is the big bad” in the comic Grace revealed. Grace also said Emma Frost will be appearing in issue #2. Cebulski said some of Iceman’s “friends” will be showing up and that it will be “amazing” (hint hint).

Next up was X-Men Red by Tom Taylor. “I’m having the time of my life on this book,” Taylor said, “it’s incredible to play on such an epic scale.” Taylor said Atlantis will be attacked and Cebulski asked why. A clear answer was not given, but Taylor said the X-Men team is underwater in a place called X-Atlantis where they are using Sea-rebro which brought a bit laugh from the audience. Taylor said it was Honeybadger’s idea. “Go her! Way to annoy someone,” Taylor said.

Taylor talked about X-23 and said “I wrote only Wolverine for 3 years,” he said. “You get a massive ownership of the characters,” but to his relief, it’s “so, so good.”

Cebulski then moved on to Return of Wolverine which is out this September. He said he couldn’t say much about the book since it is super secret, but did point out Wolverine’s claws get hot and glow. In a video shown at the panel, the audience got a snapshot interview with Charles Soule who answered questions (many of them silly). A few hints delivered were that there would be a Wolverine team and that telepaths can’t find him during the “Hunt for Wolverine” because “He is dead.”

Seanan McGuire was featured next who talked about her love of X-Men. “My life’s goal is to write the X-Men,” McGuire said, “My entire career has been to get to write the X-Men.” She’s very excited to be starting her Marvel Comics and X-Men writing career next week with X-Men Gold Annual #2. The comic will be set when Kitty Pryde was 16 and takes place in camp. “After Days of Future Past she’s having a little bit of a hard time,” McGuire said. That prompts her to go back to summer camp so she can be a normal teenager.

Every X-Men detail reported at the SDCC 2018 panel

Sneak peek of ‘X-Men Gold Annual’ #2.

Cebulski then revealed details about X-Men: Black which will be a month long event with weekly chapters. Characters Mojo, Emma Frost, Juggernaut, Magneto, and Mystique will get their own books. McGuire will be writing Mystique and said, “I approach Mystique as the best grifter in the world.” It was revealed a backup featuring Apocalypse will be tying the books together.

A new series coming from writer Tim Seeley was revealed to be Shatterstar out in October.

Cebulski spoke briefly about Rogue & Gambit and hinted that Deadpool will be getting in between their honeymoon.

The next book discussed was Matthew Rosenberg’s Astonishing X-Men. Rosenberg talked a bit about Havok and how it was his favorite character and one he asked if he could write. “He’s in books but he’s not redeemed yet,” Matthew Rosenberg said. “I wanted a book that feels different. That tells a different X-Men story,” Rosenberg said, “Havok is trying to put together a team to do what his brother has always tried to do. To be the big hero and save the world.” Rosenberg went on to say Banshee will be back and that he’s “not quite dead.” Beast apparently put him in a freezer, “and what comes out is not quite Banshee, but he’s not-not quite Banshee either.” Rosenberg said Greg Land has been doing excellent work, especially the big reveal in issue #13 of Banshee.

To end the reveals Cebulski said Uncanny X-Men will be back in Fall 2018! Unfortunately, the team on the book will not be revealed today.

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