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Choo choo choosing our favorite Valentine's movies


Choo choo choosing our favorite Valentine’s movies

AiPT! gets romantic.

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that does not mean love is no longer in the air. Besides, who actually goes out on Valentine’s Day? It is way to busy everywhere you go. It is so much easier to sit at home and watch a movie. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or Palentine’s, AiPT has you covered. Here are the movies that make our hearts smile.

What is your favorite romantic comedy?

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Choo choo choosing our favorite Valentine's movies

Kendra Reed: My number one is 10 Things I Hate About You, but 50 First Dates comes in close at number two!

Dave Brooke: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is super funny, but I’m going to go with The Big Sick. I know it’s a recent film, but the story, humor, and message are so strong!

Justin Cohen: When Harry Met Sally. It’s an all time classic, I can watch it endlessly. The Wedding Singer and Love Actually need honorable mentions, both of those are favorites too!

What is the greatest on screen couple ever?

Choo choo choosing our favorite Valentine's movies

Dave: This is a hugely personal sort of question since some folks are going to pick a couple they find attractive or familiar. I’m going with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan from You’ve Got Mail. I can rewatch this movie over and over. I love the idea of these two hating each other and then realizing they can make it work.

Kendra: That is a tough one. I guess…Benny and Joon from Benny and Joon. There is something sweet and innocent, and absolutely lovely about their connection.

Justin: Really tough. I’m going to break the rules and pick two because I can’t choose between them, AND they’re both from television shows. Eric and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights are the most rock solid husband and wife I’ve ever seen on screen, and Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts from The OC are just the best.

What are the elements of a good romantic comedy?

Choo choo choosing our favorite Valentine's movies

Dave: You need to be funny, but not too crass while developing the sparks that remind us of why infatuation feels so great. Typically the protagonist needs to learn something in order to fall in love either about themselves or about love in general.

Justin: It definitely needs to balance the humor and romance. Too much of either and it’s not a romantic comedy. I agree with Dave that the protagonist usually needs to learn something about himself/herself/life before falling in love.

Kendra: I agree, the humor/drama balance is the most important aspect of a rom com. I enjoy ones where the protagonist falls in love with someone that faces special challenges. It forces them to look at the world from a different point of view, and it’s often the stumbling and missteps that help me identify with the character. Seeing them overcome the issues and give their love unconditionally always warms my heart.

What is the perfect date movie?

Choo choo choosing our favorite Valentine's movies

Dave: The Notebook. Romantic, sexy, and some deeply moving moments. It’s a winner.

Kendra: I’m a sucker for Don Juan DeMarco starring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando, but it’s extra mushy. For a good laugh instead, Shaun of The Dead is my #1. The Shaun and Liz “love can conquer anything” story is adorable.

Justin: Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s cute and has a good deal of romance, but it’s absolutely hilarious through and through. If a girl finds it as funny as I do, she’s probably a winner.

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