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Isn’t it Romantic Review: Entertaining comedy that pokes fun at typical rom com tropes

‘Isn’t it Romantic’ pokes a lot of fun at romantic comedies and the typical tropes within them.

From the trailer for this film, you’d think it was an all out parody. A film that completely trashes romantic comedies and all the common clichés they posses, and while it does some of that, this is not something like Scary Movie. Isn’t it Romantic pokes a lot of fun at romantic comedies and the typical tropes within them, but it ends up being a feel good film where the main character must learn a valuable lesson… much like many romantic comedies. So I just wanted people to be aware that while this film does parody the genre, it’s not an all out bashing, so don’t go expecting to see something out of the Scary Movie franchise.

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The film opens with our main character Natalie as a child, where she’s watching Pretty Woman and her mother (played by Jennifer Saunders) is going on and on about how it’s just a movie and happy endings like that don’t happen for “women like them”. As we flash forward into present day, it’s obvious that her mothers toxic words have greatly affected her. She rants about how downright awful romantic comedies are to her friend at work who loves them and constantly shoots down her co-worker who is obviously interested in her. Her nightmare is about to come true when she is trapped in a romantic comedy alternate universe.

The cast is for sure the best part of this film. Rebel Wilson shines as the star, she has a great energy about her and as usual has a comedic delivery that works. I liked seeing her transformation from the beginning to the end as her journey as a character is nice to watch. She has a good amount of funny lines to deliver and does so in a blunt matter of fact manner that works. Liam Hemsworth was a good pick for his role, which is a jerk businessman in the real world, and then the complete opposite of that (a stereotypical rom com love interest). He’s believable in both modes and him and Wilson work well together also. Adam Devine is a really great actor, someone I always love seeing. I first grew to like him as Haley’s love interest in Modern Family, and what I’ve seen from him other than that is also very good. Here, he really hits his stride as Wilson’s friend and potential love interest.

The chemistry between Devine and Wilson is great, too. They work great as a pair, mainly because they’re both so charismatic and carry a fun energy. Priyanka Chopra is suitable in her role and though she definitely doesn’t make an impact like the other cast members she doesn’t hurt anything either.

The script works most of the time and if I’m being honest, I liked the more serious aspects even more than the comedy. While there are some good comedic lines here, the comedy doesn’t bring anything that new. Not to say the comedy is bad, it’s just not amazing. On the other hand, the dramatic parts really land and it’s almost completely thanks to the talent of the two leads. And while I said the comedy isn’t amazing, the commentary it provides on romantic comedy tropes is very interesting. Things like the stereotypical gay best friend and his entire purpose being the girls sidekick, or two women almost always having to be bitter enemies. All in all, this isn’t a ten, but it is enjoyable mainly due to it’s commentary and the cast.

Is it good?
Isn't it Romantic isn't a 10, but it is enjoybale becuase of its commentary and cast.
Rebel Wilson
Liam Hemsworth
Adam Devine
The commentary it presents
The comedy is mostly just alright, nothing to rave about

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