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An interview with Luxlo -- cosplayer, proud Canadian, and perpetual monster hunter


An interview with Luxlo — cosplayer, proud Canadian, and perpetual monster hunter

Gamer and cosplayer Luxlo talks about her love of gaming, what got her into cosplay, and a lot more.

It’s been a while since our last cosplay interview, and we’re bringing them back to you with a big one! Our guest today is cosplayer Luxlo, a cosplay superstar with a huge (and growing) following, who proudly hails from the land known for hockey, maple syrup, and brutally cold winters. I’m talking about Canada, of course! Besides being incredibly passionate about Fire Emblem characters, hunting monsters, and designing her next badass tattoo, she’s also an exceptionally talented cosplayer, who’s built some simply incredible pieces of armor. We were lucky enough to steal some of her precious free time to discuss her love of cosplay and the other joys in her life.

AiPT!: Tell us about where you’re from and how you like to spend your time when you aren’t doing photo shoots, creating cosplays or attending conventions.

Luxlo: I’m proudly Canadian! And currently dwelling in Toronto. When I’m not doing those I like to play video games, watch shows and spend time with my friends.

AiPT!: How did you first become interested in cosplay and what was your first experience with it like?

Luxlo: I first became interested in cosplay as soon as I found out of its existence! It was in 2012 when my boyfriend invited me along to my first convention, Anime North. Friends told us about how people “cosplay” at the con and suggested we dress up for it too. I tried to pick a simple character I could cosplay from a show I really loved at the time, and that ended up being Marceline from Adventure Time. I worked really hard on making my first prop ever for it, her axe base, and I was so excited to try fun costume pieces like contact lenses and fangs for the first time. Looking back, I don’t think the costume looked too great, but I had a great time wearing it at the con while admiring so many amazing cosplayers that I saw at the convention which seriously inspired me!

AiPT!: I’m always curious as to how cosplayers come up with their handle. What’s the story behind Luxlo?

Luxlo: A few years ago I was really into playing the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 for a couple years. I mained a warrior, and I wanted to come up with a nice unique name for her that I figured I could use as my general gamer tag too, so I played around with words and L-names until I came up with “Luxlo”. Naturally it stuck with me when the time came for me to make a cosplay handle, too!

AiPT!: Before every big con I like to get myself a nice fresh haircut, and work out the morning of. Do you have any routines or superstitions you follow before a con?

Luxlo: I like to stock up on things I like to bring with me to every con! For me a few of these things include super glue tubes, sore throat lozenges, and snacks like trail mix and instant ramen.

AiPT!: Your Lightning cosplay is amazing and quite possibly my favorite that you’ve done. How difficult was it creating a gunblade?

Luxlo: Thank you! It was definitely one of the more challenging props that I’ve made, and that’s without even worrying about making it “transformable” since I created it stationary. It took a while to get a pattern I was happy with, and it has a lot of layering of small pieces which took some time.

AiPT!: I noticed you have a few tattoos. As someone with quite a few themselves I’d love it if you could tell us about yours.

Luxlo: My first tattoo on my arm is of a Nargacuga from the Monster Hunter video game series, surrounded by peonies. This represents a few things to me such as my love for animals and fantasy, my love for video games and Monster Hunter, and even the impact of cosplay on my life as one of my first Monster Hunter cosplays was the Nargacuga armor. My second tattoo, on my inner arm, features the protagonist Maika from the comic Monstress. I don’t read a lot of comics (it’s very hard to juggle interests and cosplay and video games get more of my devoted time!) but I picked up the Monstress comics and couldn’t put them down. The art style, story and characters really clicked with me and were pretty impactful. I loved the feminist themes in Monstress and strong female lead of Maika, and mixed with the absolutely gorgeous art of the comic I knew I wanted that as my next tattoo. (I also cosplayed her as well!) I just have the two tattoos currently but currently have two more booked and my next one will be reflecting my love again for animals, as well as Harry Potter! I’m pretty excited to continue collecting the art of tattoos.

AiPT!: You’re a fan of cosplay, comics, and gaming. What are you currently enjoying within each of those fandoms?

Luxlo: As mentioned earlier I do find it difficult to juggle all of my interests, and although I love comics and wish I had time to explore them more, I devote most of my free time to cosplay and video games. I am currently working on a large cosplay project that I began a few months ago, which is Effie from Fire Emblem. I have started another Fire Emblem cosplay as well which is a smaller project but I am excited about both! Between builds I like to cosplay store-bought or commissioned cosplays, which I often add my own work into with alterations, props, wigs or remaking certain pieces. My Hero Academia and more Fire Emblem are next in that area! For video games, I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3. I slowed down my play in Monster Hunter World but I can’t wait for the expansion. I am considering trying Hollow Knight or Bloodborne soon, and look forward to new games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Sekiro, Link’s Awakening and Bloodstained.

AiPT!: What’s a weird quirk or habit you have that most people aren’t aware of?

Luxlo:  I am a weird sitter I guess? I am always moving about when I’m sitting down, always changing up how I’m sitting and usually end up looking like Quasimodo or L from Death Note.

AiPT!: Out of all the cosplay you’ve created, which was the most ambitious that you may have experienced doubt on whether or not you could finish it?

Luxlo: I might have felt this the most with my Mesmer from Guild Wars 2! It brought so many challenges, from complex, delicate looking armor that I needed to figure out how I could still bend my arms in, to a floating feather skirt I had to figure out how to do in reality, to the crazy and huge staff prop which was the biggest headache to make of the whole cosplay. I was close to giving up sometimes while working on the staff but I’m glad I didn’t because it’s one of my favourite cosplays to date! Other than my Mesmer, I struggled a lot with creating my Odogaron mask, and was finally happy after I completely remade it.  I’ve also felt a bit of that while working on Effie. It’s a really large armor and has a lot of details too, so I’ve just been taking it pretty slowly to not get burned out.

AiPT!: What’re you most looking forward to in the coming year?

Luxlo: I really am excited for my lineup of conventions this year! I will be going to Colossalcon Prime, Colossal East and Yeticon, which are all some of my favorite conventions. I will likely be going to HolMat for the first time this year, which means visiting a con plus one of my favorite places ever, Disney World! I also have plans to guest in a country I’ve never been to before, which I’m extremely excited for but can’t share the details of yet! I also am looking forward to finishing Effie. For one, because I’m tired of working on her at this point haha, and two because I’m excited to see it all come together. Outside the cosplay world, I am so looking forward to becoming an aunty when my niece is born this spring.

Here’s where you can find Luxlo online:

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