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The first must see movies of the year? What we want to watch in March

The staff at AiPT! talk about the movies they are looking forward to most.

It looks like the first potential blockbuster is upon us. But how will Captain Marvel do? And is it really the most anticipated movie of the month? The staff at AiPT! talk about what they are looking forward to in what looks to be a stacked month.

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What movie are you looking forward to most in March?

Alex McDonald: Definitely Jordan Peele’s Us. I wasn’t crazy about Get Out because it relegated its visceral horror moments until the very end. But this freaky family film appears a lot more terrifying. Whether it’ll coast to the Oscars like Peele’s previous film is up for debate (but if it’s good, who cares about the Oscars).

Justin Cohen: Us without a doubt. I loved Get Out and thought it was one of the best movies of 2017, if not the best. Give me Jordan Peele doing another horror based film and I’m there opening weekend.

Nathaniel MuirCaptain Marvel interests me for so many reasons. They are the obvious ones like it is the lead in to Endgame. Then there is the question that crosses all on our minds. How many good movies can they pump out of the MCU? One of the biggest is this is leading to the end and what may be the start of a whole new era. With the Infinity War about to end, Captain Marvel may give some idea as to what is next for the MCU.

What movie do you think will disappoint?

Alex: Sorry, but Captain Marvel. Trolls are going after the very fact that it stars a woman, which is gross. But for me, I’m done getting my hopes up that corporate products will be better than the comics.

Justin: Captive State. I love sci-fi so I want it to be good, but the trailer is definitely not giving me the impression it’ll be anything more than decent. I’d like to be proven wrong!

Nathaniel: Guess I am exactly opposite of the others. When I first saw the trailer for Us, I was super excited. Since then I have seen the same trailer a number of times. Aside from getting “I Got Five on It” stuck in my head, it has not done much for me. In fact, I have become less excited. I still want to see it, but with the expectations from Get Out and the specter of The Twilight Zone this has a high chance to be good but not good enough.

Which movie will exceed expectations?

Alex: The Beach Bum. I wasn’t a fan of Spring Breakers when it came out. I feel like I’m missing out on the grungy punk attitude of Harmony Korine, so this is hopefully my chance to be wowed by watching horny, high hedonists for two hours.

Justin: I’m going with Captain Marvel. The trailer has my expectations middle of the road, but the fact that it’s based in the 90’s and it’s the final bit of information in the Marvel universe we’re getting before Endgame, I have faith it’s going to exceed expectations.

Nathaniel: Captive State should be pretty bad by all accounts. Though it has a decent cast, the story seems generic and looks like it has the potential to get downright boring. Something tells me it will do alright. It may be forgotten in all the hype around Captain Marvel, but I am counting on a fun little movie.

What movie are you ashamed to admit you want to see?

Alex: Captive State. Rupert Wyatt is not exactly a beloved auteur. Alien invasion movies are not often good. But I want to see this. Why? John Goodman.

Justin: Wonder Park. I don’t even think it looks good, but I love amusement parks and I’m a big fan of animated films so I can’t not see it.

Nathaniel: The Dirt has cast that includes Machine Gun Kelly. Director Jeff Tremaine’s credits include Jackass 3D and Bad Grandpa. Even their biggest fans admit that Motley Crue was more about looks and attitude than actual music. Still, a biopic about the 1980’s most notorious hair metal band sounds like a lot of fun.


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