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The Six Million Dollar Man #1 Review

Better. Faster. Stronger. Funnier.

From writer Christopher Hastings (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja) and artist David Hahn (Bite Club) comes Dynamite’s revival of The Six Million Dollar Man,the way God intended it: action-packed, colorful, and IN THE SEVENTIES, BABY.

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It’s endearing to see what a motormouth this version of Steve is. Like a trainee who’s been left in charge of the whole office for the day, Steve finds himself overcompensating. He meets his lack of experience head-on by talking about how good he is at other things, like being an astronaut.

The fact that Steve never stops being excited about his own abilities is incredibly endearing. Far from the seasoned professional of the original television series and the TV movies, Steve constantly find himself essentially saying, “Oh, I forgot — I’m awesome.” The wide-eyed enthusiasm of Steve Austin is downright infectious, making the book a breezy and fun read from start to finish.

Dynamite Entertainment

I’m a big fan of narratives that give you exposition while action occurs, which is a tactic taken by this issue. Sure, Steve tries to tell his new partner his whole deal (stronger, faster, etc.), but it’s so much more fun just to show her what he can do. Hastings understand this, too, which is why the second half of the issue is one great big battle scene that shows off everything Steve Austin is capable of. No offense to Lee Majors, but you’ve never seen the Six Million Dollar Man fight like this.

The action scenes are a joy to look at, as is the rest of this issue. The colors from Roshan Kurichiyanal are varied and bright, seemingly just to the left of pastel shades (and perfectly capturing that 70s primetime look). Little touches like the sound effect of a helicopter obscuring the characters’ word balloons manage to make even onomatopoeia into interesting visuals. From top to bottom, this issue is a treat for the eyes (bionic and otherwise).

Dynamite Entertainment

Guys, I’m gonna level with you: YES, I’m giving this book a 10 out of 10. Your milage may vary, but for my money (and make no mistake, I’m buying this book), this comic is pretty much everything I want from my entertainment. Much like Hasting’s Dr. McNinja, this book contains the Three Fs: Funny, Funky, and above all, it’s Fun.

There’s a genuine love for the material on display and it doesn’t attempt to coast by on nostalgia alone. Like this week’s Astro Hustle from Dark Horse Comics, The Six Million Dollar Man manages to take this wacky and kinda sexy ’70s aesthetic and explore it through the lens of modern sensibilities. It’s a tricky balancing act, but it’s pulled off splendidly. I can’t imagine any other comic this week will match this one in sheer fun.

The Six Million Dollar Man #1
Is it good?
This was my favorite comic book that I read this week. Fans of the original show should definitely give this a try. Or, you know, people who like happiness in general.
Embraces the 70s time period but tells an engaging story, rather than coasting by on nostalgia
The action sequences are funny and dynamically choreographed
Wastes no time getting to the fun stuff, delivering exposition as the mission is carried out

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