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Snyder talks about multiple projects including his upcoming story collaboration with Charles Soule.

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Everything we learned about Scott Snyder’s 2019 creator owned projects

Snyder talks about multiple projects including his upcoming story collaboration with Charles Soule.

For over an hour on the AiPT! Comics podcast, Scott Snyder talked about his current work and also everything that is coming in the year ahead. The interview was forthcoming, and some new details emerged.

From what he said, many of the projects yet to be announced are in collaboration with artists he’s worked with on Justice League. “I’m working with a lot of artists that you see me working with on Justice League and other books I’m working on,” Snyder said.

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In regards to his work collaborating with Charles Soule Snyder said, “We’re working with a big artist on that that he’s worked with a lot and that I’ve worked with in the past as well.” Hmm, who could that be? The story, Snyder said, “has Land of the Lost qualities and it’s very much a sci-fi…it’s very very fun. I can’t wait. We’re going to announce it really soon. It’s being drawn right now.”

On another, Snyder said he’s working with an artist he’s worked with pretty extensively before and it will be a horror comic. “It’s a horror book that makes a new classic monster, but it’s really about film. It’s about a lost 1930s classic that burned in a fire. And this guy, it’s basically about a guy who finds fragments of a film as he’s digitizing old films in his job at a studio. It’s about this famous film that burned in the ’30s that was supposed to be a masterpiece called Night of the Ghoul and he goes and he finds this screenwriter-director who is still alive in this rest home. He goes there to confront him about what happened to this film. The whole story is an interplay between the horrifying things that unfold in this rest home and the fragments of this film that are actually drawn into the book itself.” It’s not yet known which publisher is publishing this story, but it sounds like it has “instant hit” written all over it.

On another project, Snyder said he’s writing a sci-fi noir and is working with an artist who has worked on both Justice League and elsewhere with him. “It’s about a future where you can insolate yourself entirely, skin the world how you want.” Snyder said it’s a detective story and largely an artist’s piece. It’s about “the danger and wonder of being able to sort of surround yourself with your own cultural bubble wrap.”

With so many creator-owned projects, a plan that stretches a year from now for Justice League, and a longstanding relationship with DC Comics, Snyder said he’s at a place in his career where he’s never been. “I’m at the point in my career where I don’t think I have things to prove anymore. I’m really writing for myself and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had between Justice League and all of this.” Later on in the conversation, Snyder shared his golden rule of writing: “You have to always been your own favorite writer.” With that attitude, we’re all sure to reap the rewards with so many great comic book stories on the way.

I highly recommend you listen to the full podcast where Snyder shares tons of insight on current and future stories.

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