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Interview with New York native, cosplayer, and Final Fantasy addict Livicole


Interview with New York native, cosplayer, and Final Fantasy addict Livicole

Making armor is hard enough, but try walking the con floor with only one eye open.

Most of our readers know that AiPT! was founded in the greatest city on earth — Boston, Massachusetts. So it may shock some of you to learn that we interviewed a cosplayer from the capital city of our mortal enemies, New York! Our rivalry may go back to the dawn of time, but cosplayer Livicole is just so damn talented, that she easily overcame the ancient blood feud. We sat down with the New York native to discuss her love of cosplay, got the low down on her impressive tattoo collection, and discovered the origin story of her journey into nerd fandom.

AiPT!: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you like to spend your time when you aren’t cosplaying.

Livi: I’m from Queens, New York born and raised! I honestly spend 99% of my time cosplaying haha, but when I’m not, it’s usually because I’m either at work as a waitress at a local restaurant, or because I need some relaxation time. If that’s the case, I’m either watching TV in bed with my cats or playing video games!

 AiPT!: If you could give yourself a nerd origin story that outlines how you became interested in gaming, cosplay, anime, and nerd culture — how would that read?

Livi: My first experience with nerd culture was as a very young child – my father, sister and I would play Super Nintendo together a lot. Then as I got a little older, I’d stay up past my bed time to watch Adult Swim, and that’s where I discovered anime. I grew up with both video games and anime from that point, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I first experienced cosplay. It was about 3 years ago when I finally got tickets to my first New York Comic Con and decided to make my own costume. I absolutely fell in love with it!

AiPT!: Before every big con I like to get myself a nice fresh haircut, and workout the morning of. Do you have any routines or superstitions you follow before a con?

Livi: Usually I’m so busy con crunching, I don’t really have time for routines haha! Maybe a little crying and panicking!!

AiPT!: I see you’ve got a fair amount of ink. As a fellow tattoo enthusiast, I’d love it if you could tell us about the story behind your tattoos.

Livi: Yes, I have 8 tattoos! Most pop/nerd culture related haha. I have a Final Fantasy VIIII tattoo, a FFIX and a FFX tattoo. I have the triforce from Legend of Zelda on my finger, a rose with elvish writing from Lord of the Rings on my shoulder, a phoenix with a Dumbledore quote from Harry Potter on my back, and so on haha.

AiPT!: I know the event has already occurred, but could you tell us about the Cosplay Runway Show at Brooklyn Bizarre and how you got involved?

Livi: Yes it was a super fun event! A photographer I had worked with previously – Christina Grande – was putting together an event/gallery for various artists – photographers, musicians, cosplayers, etc. She invited me to be a part of it and it just sounded awesome so of course I said yes. It was very hectic trying to change between costumes in such a short amount of time (all the models had brought 3 costumes and we had about ~2 minutes to get changed haha!), but it was a unique and fun experience.

AiPT!: You did an absolutely amazing job with your Gotham City Sirens cosplay, and as a huge DC fan I loved it. But I notice some Marvel cosplay as well. Would you say you’re more of a DC or Marvel girl?

Livi: This is honestly a tough question for me because I’ve admittedly always been more into video games and anime than I have comics, so while I do have love for both Marvel and DC, there’s not enough reason or knowledge for me to favorite one over the other. I will say though, Batman is and always will be my all time favorite super hero, hence why I decided to cosplay all the Gotham Sirens and had so much fun with them!

AiPT!: Your General Beatrix cosplay was very impressive. How hard of a build was that for you and did your depth perception cause any spills from walking around with one eye all day?

Livi: Haha no, it honestly wasn’t bad being one-eyed all day! And thank you! The build wasn’t that difficult honestly, but I did spend a lot of time on it because I wanted it to be totally perfect. She’s one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games, so it was very much a passion project for me. I spent a lot of time finding the right materials and added embellishments and details that aren’t in her original design just to make it more special.

AiPT!: Out of all the characters you’ve cosplayed as, which one do you feel you align the most with? 

Livi: Super tough question! I might actually have to go with Beatrix – a tough and loyal girl with a sensitive side who always tries to do what’s right, but won’t back down or let people walk all over her!

AiPT!: What’re you looking forward to the most in 2019?

Livi: More cosplays of course! I’ve got so many plans – more Pokémon gijinkas, more Final Fantasy cosplays, some awesome group cosplays. My to do list is always growing and I love it.

Here’s where you can find Livi online:

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