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Infinity Wars Review

Another massive Marvel event full of action, strong character-driven story, and epic ramifications!

A few months ago, Marvel hit us with another cosmic event that created some big changes to its universe: Infinity Wars. The event was grand in scope and gave some amazing moments for readers. Infinity Wars‘ biggest strength is its characters and how each of them are affected by the all-powerful Infinity Stones. The art for this book equally captures the weight and emotions of the event.  Greg Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., Frank Martin, Mark Bagley, and Andy MacDonald made an event worth reading.

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The characters’ quest for the Stones

We all know how it goes…everyone wants the Infinity Stones, and no one can really have them. But that’s not the main draw of this event. It’s each character’s connection to the Stones that really shine on the pages. Whether it’s Gamora’s actions or Loki’s intentions, each character’s journey is written well with strong emotion. There are some moments in this volume where some readers might find the plot feeling slow, but that doesn’t diminish its overall quality.  The characters’ journeys help push away that possible slowness in the plot for some readers. Ultimately, the quest for the stones is all about power, self-interests, control and defying who these characters are to the readers.

The cosmic art

The art team behind this event is truly amazing. Each piece of art is carefully crafted and fully captures the raw emotion of what is at stake for the cosmos. The team’s best work is the fight scenes due to their explosive use of color and great character designs. The team elegantly draws the readers into the fight scenes and creates an intense experience for the readers to embrace. After all, it’s not every day there’s epic planet-to-realm battles for the Infinity Stones that decide the fate of countless galaxies.

Is it good?
Another massive Marvel event full of action, strong character-driven story, and epic ramifications!
Strong, character-driven story
The Stones!
Cosmic art!
The plot might feel slow to some readers

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