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Is It Any Good? Wild Things

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Is It Any Good? Wild Things

‘Wild Things’ is one of the most entertaining films I’ve ever seen.

Wow…. literally none of this turned out the way I anticipated. Wild Things is one of the most entertaining films I’ve ever seen, and for sure one of the most twisted. Not twisted in that it’s constantly dark, but twisted as in your official facial reaction by the end will just be an open mouth. The plot seems simplistic at first glance, which is that a policeman investigates when two high school girls accuse a male guidance counselor of rape. But there’s actually more going on underneath the surface of it all, and that’s exactly what makes this film so great.

The two biggest positives Wild Things has going for it is it’s writing and it’s very talented cast. The screenplay for this film is so twisty and just downright entertaining, complete with some fantastic surprises. Now I’ve seen a lot of plot twists and some I’m able to see coming, but big props to the writers because I was sitting there going, WHAT?!! I love it when a film is able to get me like that, it makes things all the more interesting. And while some have called the plot and the twists trashy or tawdry (and yes I can see why), I think they work like an absolute charm. A factor that plays into why it all worked so well is the characters and the cast members that played them.

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Is It Any Good? Wild Things

The most impressive one in the bunch is Neve Campbell who plays Suzie Toller. Campbell gives what I would say is the best performance of her career. She has to go to such extremes with this character and she pulls it all off in a deliciously seamless way. Matt Dillon plays Sam Lombardo and really does a great job, I was also very impressed by his ability to translate extremes with his character. Denise Richards plays Kelly Van Ryan and does a good job. She was honestly the perfect actress to portray this role. Finally we come to Kevin Bacon, who plays Ray Duquette. Bacon, like Dillon, nails the extremes in his role and handles it well and in a convincing way.

On top of the great individual performances given by these cast members, the chemistry they share onscreen is electric. They create some pretty powerful energy when sharing a scene and do a top notch job of convincing the audience of what’s going on at that point in time.

Erotic suspense thrillers really are great films to enjoy because not only do they posses nail biting thrills, but they also have a sexy element to them that ends up making the whole thing all the more eerie. Both the eroticism and suspense are handled well here, they don’t get in the way of one another. Some erotic thrillers focus so much on sex that they end up neglecting the thrills, which is by far the most important part. The sexual undertones are just supposed to add an extra eerie/twisted element, not hijack the plot, and this film understands that. And Wild Things doesn’t just give the audience thrills, it gives us clever twists that will keep you on your toes at all times.

Is It Any Good? Wild Things

Wild Things is a big success. It gives the audience everything they could possibly want out of a film like this. It boasts an extremely well written script that provides more than enough thrills and surprises (most of which are nearly impossible to see coming). It also features a very skilled cast that are all able to portray their roles perfectly. So if you haven’t seen this gem yet, check it out!

Is It Any Good? Wild Things
Wild Things
Is it good?
Wild Things is a deliciously twisty erotic thriller that surprises you at every turn.
Excellent writing
Unpredictable plot twists
Talented cast that all deliver skilled performances
Handles shifts of tone well
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