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The major theme of Uncanny X-Men #15 is trust.
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Uncanny X-Men #15 review: Don’t trust anybody

The major theme of Uncanny X-Men #15 is trust.

The previous issue of Uncanny X-Men ended on a major cliffhanger. Before arriving to the surprising moment, Matthew Rosenberg and Salvador Larroca delivered what may have been the best issue of the latest Uncanny run. The issue also left readers with many questions. Had the X-Men gone too far? Was Dark Beast really the newest member of the team? What was next for the merry mutants?

The major theme of Uncanny X-Men #15 is trust. This becomes apparent from the opening panel — what starts as a scene that’s more about how clumsy Dark Beast is, turns into something much more frightening. Knowing about his sadistic past, it is impossible for the reader to not be worried about what he has planned. This is just the first instance of the evil McCoy’s confusing interactions with the team. The issue has the supposed newest member seemingly try his best to help many times.

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Obviously, this is met with reluctance from the X-Men. It also adds uneasiness to Uncanny. There is no doubting that Dark Beast is an evil character; it wasn’t that many issues ago that he was trying to kill the X-Men. Though he seems content in captivity, readers cannot help but wonder just how much he has changed. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt, it’s difficult not to assume that everything he has done will not eventually have dangerous repercussions. The issue’s chilling finale hints at the difficulties the X-Men have ahead of them.

Dark Beast is not the only problem with the team. After the shocking appearance at the end of the last issue, the mutants are left confused. Apparently, there are some who want to help the X-Men. But they seem just as happy to let the mutants go on their merry way. The team is left confounded and wondering who they should trust.

The major theme of Uncanny X-Men #15 is trust.

Internal conflict continues to exist on the team. Since his return, Cyclops has tried to show his new team that he is a different person. He also wants them to know that he is the leader. Unsurprisingly, some members of the team have been less eager to accept this than others. This has led to moments where Havok has questioned his brother’s decisions. This continues, adding a Claremont-like atmosphere to the book.

Uncanny continues to have some exciting action sequences. There is a frantic battle with the Mutant Liberation Front that takes place over a couple of pages and looks great. What makes these moments different from previous issues is the added tension. The always high stakes are raised in issue #15 and the conclusion to the battle will surprise many.

The major theme of Uncanny X-Men #15 is trust.

The art looks fantastic with the standout of the entire issue being the great coloring. The work of Guru-FX looks fantastic. The colors pop off the page, making the characters look especially heroic. Each setting is also well done. They are a part of the scene without ever taking over or fading into the background. The highlight of the issue is the rally.

Uncanny X-Men #15 is another great issue. The book looks great and the story continues to engage its readers. The X-Men have always been more relatable than other superheroes. This becomes especially clear in an issue that deals almost entirely with who should be trusted. The last page is even more exciting than what was seen last month. Uncanny #15 will please any X-Fan.

Uncanny X-Men #15
Is it good?
An exciting issue that packs so much into it. There is action, suspense, and lots of emotion. This is a quintessential X-Book.
Great coloring
The last page is emotional, scary, and will stay with the readers
Great writing that highlights the team's problems
Filled with WTF moments in a good way
Fairly quick resolution to last month's cliffhanger
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