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On the Trail of Bigfoot Review (Episodes 3 & 4): Behavior, geographical differences, and wormholes?


On the Trail of Bigfoot Review (Episodes 3 & 4): Behavior, geographical differences, and wormholes?

There are a lot of theories about Bigfoot.

On the Trail of Bigfoot is a six episode documentary miniseries from Small Town Monsters. The six episodes take a look at the famous legend and American folklore in general.  

Episode 3: ‘Rise of the Monsters’

On the Trail of Bigfoot Review (Episodes 3 & 4): Behavior, geographical differences, and wormholes?

This may be the best episode of the series so far. The previous two have entries have done a great job of giving a history of Bigfoot. Episode three does an excellent job of tying together various local legends to Bigfoot. Through interviews and stories, director Seth Breedlove is even able to find a possible connection between the fabled monster and aliens!

‘Rise of the Monsters’ spends a great deal of time discussing the geographical differences of Bigfoot. This has been the most interesting part of the series by far. Sightings from the Northwest part of the United State look like the more traditional depiction of the creature. In the Midwest, the elusive monster takes on a more feral look. Many drawings and descriptions even have the face covered in so much fur it is impossible to make out facial features. Once reports hit the eastern part of the country, the renditions take on a more frightening look. It is shocking such a wide variety of descriptions would be used to describe what seems to be the same creature.

Arguably more surprising is the characteristics of Bigfoot. In the Northwest they are seen as an almost timid species that want to be left alone. Most reports also describe them as “human like”. In the middle of the United States, they take on a more animal like nature. The east coast may be the most surprising of all. The creatures are described as incredibly aggressive. There are numerous accounts of them attacking dogs. Bigfoot is more of a scary story to make sure kids do not act up than a fun urban legend.

Breedlove does a great job yet again. His sincerity is what makes the whole series worthwhile. While the manner Breedlove is handling OTTO is interesting, some may also quickly dismiss it as another monster hunter show. Breedlove prevents that from happening with his honesty. He rightfully says that few creatures can be found in every part of the United States and wonders how one can remain undiscovered for so long. It is a simple question that makes the whole endeavor that much more interesting.

The third episode also touches on the increase of Bigfoot sighting in relation to changes in pop culture and society. It may sound silly, but OTTO does an excellent job of tying it all together.

Episode 4: ‘Ask the Right Questions’

At first, the episode seems like it is going in the wrong direction. Breedlove is searching for Bigfoot in Pennsylvania(?), there are “woulda, coulda, shoulda” stories, and it seems like OTTO is going to move away from its more objective storytelling.

Thankfully, this turns out to be not completely be the case. Breedlove immediately states his search has begun in an odd place. He then goes in to why explaining that in order to find Bigfoot, he has to learn its behaviors. This begins the show long theme of people trying to explain scientifically what Sasquatch may be.

When less interviews are done with those who believe in lieu of researchers and skeptics. Their anecdotes are not as fun, but it is certainly interesting to hear. When episode four starts interviewing those who believe Bigfoot May be an extraterrestrial being the episode starts to slip. Once the term “wormhole” is seriously used, it becomes hard to take OTTO seriously.

The biggest problem with the fourth episode is the paranormal explanations are not even fun. This is a docu series about Bigfoot; the fantastic should not just be expected, it should be accepted. Unfortunately, the stories are just silly.

Overall Thoughts

On the Trail of Bigfoot Review (Episodes 3 & 4): Behavior, geographical differences, and wormholes?

Seth Breedlove is holding On the Trail of Bigfoot together. Its more scientific approach is surprisingly more fun than the standard “let’s go hunting in the dark” formula. The nature of the show has it exploring some (literally) out of this world theories. Those moments suck the life out of the show. If it was not for Breedlove, OTTO would be a hard pass.

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