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There's more positives here than negatives.

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The Hustle: The cast makes this gender swapping remake entertaining

There’s more positives here than negatives.

I love both of these women! Anne Hathaway is an exceptionally talented actress and has proven it time after time. Rebel Wilson knows how to work her comedic muscle and has always made me laugh. So a film remaking the 1988 classic, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, gender swapped and starring them should be entertaining. And yes, despite the onslaught of negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for this film, I can say that I did enjoy it and while it’s for sure not the best of it’s kind, I was entertained. There’s more positives here than negatives.

Rebel Wilson is the real stand out here. Wilson gets the most laughs by far, has a very engaging presence, and she makes the character likable. She has a certain way of delivering her lines that just cracks me up. What can I say? She’s a true comic. There are a few moments in this film that got some big laughs from me, and all were from Wilson.

While Wilson is the film’s biggest strength, there was one mistake with her. The film relies a bit too much on physical gags when it comes to Wilson. She has some really good verbal comedy and one of the slapstick gags does work, but there’s at least 3 or 4 other times where the slapstick just falls flat and feels kind of cheap. I felt like why are you defaulting to this, you’re doing good, just keep doing what you’re doing.

There's more positives here than negatives.
Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway definitely has her moments. While she for sure excels in her character, there’s two issues with her. The first problem is her accent. I remember thinking it sounded strange in the trailers. It is not that it’s awful or so bad it becomes distracting, but something about it is off. It just sounds too over the top which hurts her performance. The second thing is that there really isn’t any way for her to compete with Wilson when it comes to comedy. Now I don’t want to make it seem like Hathaway is a bust here or gives a flat performance, because she doesn’t. Hathaway has effective scenes and does fit the role. Also there’s good onscreen chemistry between her and Wilson, which boosts a lot of the scenes.

Alex Sharp is also really great here. I haven’t seen him in anything else but I hope he continues to get more work because he was so likable and engaging. He and Wilson had some really effective scenes together that brought out some of her characters tenderness, which was nice to see.

There's more positives here than negatives.

Anne Hathaway stars as Josephine Chesterfield and Rebel Wilson as Penny Rust

The laughs are not constant, I’ll give that to the critics that hated this film. But for me, they came frequent enough to where I wasn’t checking the time. I was also very pleased with the ending, maybe I should’ve seen it coming but I didn’t and had a “ohhhh” moment. The ending leaves things to where there could be a sequel, and while I doubt there will be one due to the very harsh reaction to this film, I for one would be interested in seeing that. Maybe they can fix some of the kinks in a potential sequel. Lessen the use of the slapstick with Wilson, because most of it didn’t land. Also give Hathaway some better comedic moments.

The Hustle has it’s issues for sure and could’ve been better, but I don’t feel the level of hate it’s receiving is warranted. 18% on Rotten Tomatoes… really? This is much better than that. I recommend this film, but just don’t expect it to be a 9/10.

The Hustle
Is it good?
The Hustle's cast is what makes this film worth a watch. Rebel Wilson is the stand out and elicits many laughs. While it's not great, I was entertained enough to warrant a recommendation.
Rebel Wilson's performance
Alex Sharp
The ending
The good onsceen chemistry between all the charcaters
Hathaway's accent is too over the top
An overuse of slapstick that doesn't land

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