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'Poms' kept me smiling and got a fair amount of laughs out of me.

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Poms Review: Cute/feel good comedy that isn’t great, but will make you smile

‘Poms’ kept me smiling and got a fair amount of laughs out of me.

I love seeing films geared towards an older audience. The senior community is so underserved in cinema, and that needs to change. Getting older shouldn’t mean the end of fun and living. Just like Jacki Weaver’s character says: “you were dying yesterday and you’re gonna be dying next week, in the meantime you should be dancing your ass off.” That’s one of the best lines in the whole film, simply because it captures the true message this story is promoting. Now is Poms great? No. Does it have it’s flaws? Yes, it for sure does. But while it does have some problems, it kept me smiling and got a fair amount of laughs out of me.

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I’m a huge fan of Diane Keaton and will see any film she stars in. Not only have I always loved her films, but I’ve also always loved her as a person. She’s just got such an infectious spirit and is always hilarious! I’m so glad she’s getting to do such fun films in her older age. She plays Martha here, a woman who’s moving into a retirement community and trying to simplify her life. Keaton gives a very fun and real performance. Her performance is two sides of one coin because she has to be funny and energetic but also have some pretty serious moments, and she handles both so well.

Jacki Weaver is amazing in this role! I absolutely fell in love with her character. She does a great job of portraying this free spirited, funny woman who won’t take crap from anyone. Her and Keaton are the main characters here and it works because of their performances and the sweet chemistry they have.

'Poms' kept me smiling and got a fair amount of laughs out of me.

Celia Weston also gives a fantastic performance. She got a lot of laughs with her characters very southern/dry humor. She plays the woman in the retirement community that is the equivalent of a popular mean girl in high school. She has a lot of great comedic lines and nails every one of them. Weaver’s character, Cheryl, has some hilariously sharp comeback lines at her too which is amusing.

Those are the biggest players in the cast, but I also want to recognize the other supporting members because while they don’t get as much screen time, they still deliver. I loved seeing Jackie Brown herself, Pam Grier, again. And Rhea Pearlman has some really funny scenes that work. The whole cast has an infectious chemistry that makes you root for them and believe in their friendships with one another. The script isn’t great and there were parts where I felt things got a little sloppy, particularly in the middle, but then on the other hand the script has a lot of funny material. My showing had lots of laughs (including myself) and it’s more because of the talent of this cast than anything else.

Sometimes when a film doesn’t have a stellar script to work with, the cast can manage to work their magic and still make it an enjoyable watch. That is for sure the case with Poms. The pacing is mostly good, meaning that it moves pretty well. It did lag slightly in the middle, but thankfully it picks back up. The relationship between the teenage cheer leader, Chloe, and the gang of older ladies is charming and it shows a building of a bridge between generations that is heart warming. Now all this may sound cheesy or like a Hallmark movie, but this is much better than those awful Hallmark channel movies because it dares to be somewhat racy and isn’t squeaky clean. There’s a difference between being formulaic yet fun and charming and what something like Hallmark churns out. The reason I can respect and enjoy this film is because it has genuinely interesting characters and is actually funny most of the time. Yes, it has some pacing issues and the script gets kind of sloppy towards the middle but you can tell the cast gives a damn and is giving it their all.

'Poms' kept me smiling and got a fair amount of laughs out of me.
Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Rhea Pearlman, Pam Grier

Yes, you pretty much know where this is going and it does have it’s flaws, but I was constantly smiling and really cared about these characters. The cast is the huge high point in Poms and is why it’s worth a watch. I hope you’ll go see this and support it because it truly is entertaining and we need more films about older people, it’s such an overlooked demographic.

Is it good?
Poms is worth seeing becuase of the cast. They all bring out both hilarity and sweetness. Yes, the script and pacing gets slightly sloppy, but the cast is able to rise above the flaws.
Jacki Weaver
Diane Keaton
Rhea Pearlman
Pam Grier
There's an abundance of laughs to be had
The chemistry between these characters works and makes you care
The script gets kind of sloppy
The pacing is a bit off towards the middle

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