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Veep Season 7 Episode 7: 'Veep' Review (Series Finale): One of the best endings ever


Veep Season 7 Episode 7: ‘Veep’ Review (Series Finale): One of the best endings ever

One of the greatest final episodes ever.

Warning! Spoilers for Veep below.

The story so far: Just as Selina is about to win the Noble Peace Prize (sorta) it is discovered she has committed horrible crimes. She receives asylum from her best friend (who also happens to be the same person who turned her in) and wins over the hearts of Americans in the process. Things quickly change when it is discovered that innocent people were not the only ones Selina disposed of. Richard’s rise to power continues. Jonah continues to do everything wrong while gaining more potential voters. More foreign powers are becoming interested in the election as the Democratic National Convention looms.

For years, Veep’s biggest strength has been its writing. From the razor sharp insults to the engaging storylines, fans of the show could always count on well crafted episodes. When it was announced the final season of the show would only be seven episodes, fans knew the writing was going to be put to the test. How do you satisfactorily end years of storytelling in seven hours?

The writers of Veep have assuaged all fears by leaning into the character arcs of the cast. This season has been the culmination of the previous six, with the biggest focus being on Selina. In the past two seasons, she has become almost unlikable. Her character’s trajectory has been very easy to chart and her actions of the past season make sense.

Despite the great writing this season, episode six seem to be misstep. Everything seemed rushed while Minna was absolutely wasted in the episode. Rushed stories are not new to the show (Selina’s pregnancy is probably the most obvious example), but this is a bad look for the penultimate episode of a series. Can the team turn things around in time for the series finale?

Veep Season 7 Episode 7: 'Veep' Review (Series Finale): One of the best endings ever

The last episode of any season can be so difficult to pull off. The creative team behind Veep did so brilliantly. The most important thing about any finale is a sense of closure. The last episode of the HBO political satire was able to do so any many different levels. The overarching theme of the season was how Selina was getting more consumed by her obsession to win the Presidency. With each episode she became more and more desperate until the final episode reached its only logical conclusion.

‘Veep’ also successfully wraps up the show. The longer episode paid off many storylines that go back to the very beginning of the show. A long time fan will truly appreciate everything Selina does in her last desperate attempt to get back to the Oval Office – even if they do not agree. Though much of what she does is shocking, it makes sense in the larger scope of the story.

Veep Season 7 Episode 7: 'Veep' Review (Series Finale): One of the best endings ever

The big question will be what will viewers think of Selina Meyer now. In retrospect, Veep has been a years long character study. It has been how one person’s dream of becoming President of the United States and how important her legacy was to her. Watching Selina become corrupted to the point she would readily turn their backs on what she believed in was as interesting as it was sad. Selina was never positioned as a good person, but she was definitely one with a strong moral compass. Watching her change over the course of the past seven seasons is remarkable.

As for the show itself, Veep will go down as one of the best political comedies in the history of television. Its strong writing, great cast, wit, ability to remain topical and its willingness to discuss any subject made it one of the most refreshing shows on television. Much like its main character, the shows was far from perfect, but it was impossible not to root for.

Veep Series Finale 'Veep'
Is it good?
Could the show have ended any better? The entire series has been about the importance of legacy and the finale works with that perfectly.
Strong writing
Every action is true to the characters
Very funny
A tense episode that keeps you guessing
The writers did want they wanted while also giving the fans what they wanted
It makes sense in the context of the writing, but Selina makes some interesting choices

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