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Now you too can become a perfect 10.


Tyler Breeze and Tye Dillinger opening wrestling school

Now you too can become a perfect 10.

Thursday morning WWE superstar Tyler Breeze and former WWE superstar Tye Dillinger aka Shawn Spears, announced a new joint venture – Flatbacks wrestling school.

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Flatbacks first 8 week training class begins July 1, and will be operating out of Apopka, Florida. Applications and questions can be directed to

The duo shared their announcement on Twitter and Instagram, which was met with a lot of positive feedback and excitement from fans and fellow wrestlers.

Dillinger requested his release from WWE on February 20, and was officially released by the company two days later. The former perfect 10 shared a passionate Twitter post with fans, thanking them as well as the talent, producers, and executives in WWE for supporting him during his time there.

Ron Arneill aka Shawn Spears, was trained by Derek Wylde, Cody Deaner, an active Impact talent, and Eric Young, formerly Impact Champion, and current WWE superstar.

Spears had two stints in WWE, first as Gavin Spears on WWE’s ECW brand in 2008, and then again in NXT in 2013, which would later see him join the main roster until his release in February of this year.

Since leaving the company he’s gotten engaged to WWE superstar Peyton Royce, and has over booked over ten dates to wrestle in June. Needless to say, Spears is doing well for himself post-WWE.

Prince Pretty aka Tyler Breeze, has been off live TV since wrestling Deam Ambrose on RAW in mid-December. On May 1 he returned to NXT television, interrupting the North American Champion Velveteen Dream, taking a selfie with him, and then attacking him.

Breeze was trained by Lance Storm, regarded by many as one of the best technical wrestlers of all-time, and has trained some of this era’s top active wrestlers.

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