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First look at Snyder and Francavilla's inbound horror tale.
Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla

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Night of the Ghoul: Scott Snyder teases upcoming horror comic with Francesco Francavilla

First look at Snyder and Francavilla’s inbound horror tale.

Scott Snyder teased comic fans on Twitter today with our first look at artwork from his upcoming creator owned horror project with artist Francesco Francavilla, Night of the Ghoul.

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Feast your eyes below.

We first learned of the project back in March with another Snyder Tweet that contained a single image showing a man fearfully looking at something, and the ominous text “It’s coming…”

As the book is creator owned, it almost goes without saying that Image will be publishing it. As for what the hashtag NOTG means, it stands for Night of the Ghoul. We first learned of this early last month when Snyder joined our team on the AiPT! Comics podcast.

“It’s a horror book that makes a new classic monster, but it’s really about film.” said Snyder. “It’s about a lost 1930s classic that burned in a fire. And this guy, it’s basically about a guy who finds fragments of a film as he’s digitizing old films in his job at a studio. It’s about this famous film that burned in the ’30s that was supposed to be a masterpiece called Night of the Ghoul and he goes and he finds this screenwriter-director who is still alive in this rest home. He goes there to confront him about what happened to this film. The whole story is an interplay between the horrifying things that unfold in this rest home and the fragments of this film that are actually drawn into the book itself.”

Snyder and Francavilla have worked together in the past, with runs on Detective Comics and Swamp Thing. Both have backgrounds in horror, Snyder’s being quite extensive, with work on Wytches and critically acclaimed American Vampire. Francavilla’s work on Sorrow with Rick Remender and Seth Peck was well received.


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