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'Wine Country' will have you laughing from start to finish

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Wine Country Review: Hilarity ensues when you get these ladies together

‘Wine Country’ will have you laughing from start to finish

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Wine County is my kind of movie. A group of old female friends reuniting for a fun weekend is right up my alley. I think I like these types of films so much because I  love going away with my girlfriends, cutting loose, connecting, and yes throwing back some wine. It’s just a good time, and I also connect a lot more to female driven comedies. I don’t really enjoy bro type comedies, I think it’s because so many of them come off as juvenile in nature to me. This film will have you busting up laughing from start to finish, but also takes some time to explore the friendship between these women.

This film has a killer cast to brag about. Comedy legends like Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, and more all star. I’m so glad they got actresses with strong comedic backgrounds because the dialogue needs to be delivered properly. All of these women uplift the writing and had me cackling. There’s several of them I want to talk about individually because the performances were so good, I feel like I have to.

Rachel Dratch has this killer way of delivering her lines that works every time. She gives such a lovable and hilarious performance and I wish she got more work. Paula Pell, who I wasn’t at all familiar with, gives a very vulnerable and endearing performance. It’s great because yes her character is vulnerable, but she’s also so funny and wild.

'Wine Country' will have you laughing from start to finish

Maya Rudolph, one of my absolute favorites, is really great here. I don’t want to say she does her “usual Maya Rudolph thing” because that sounds negative. But she does her thing and elicits laughs every time she’s onscreen. Amy Poehler is funny as always, but because of the type of character she plays in this, she doesn’t get as much of the belly laughs as the other ladies. The script is loaded with great comedy that almost always works, especially in the first half.

While the negatives aren’t numerous, there are a couple things that I wish were stronger. So the biggest letdown is Jason Schwartzman. He isn’t given anything of substance to do, none of his comedy lands. It’s not his fault because as I saw him in The Overnight, and he is a good actor. He was just wasted here, much like John Malkovich in Velvet Buzzsaw.

The other thing is that the dramatic side of the film isn’t nearly as strong as the comedy. The issues presented for each of these women just don’t resonate as strong as they could have. I’m glad the comedy is always present though because when the drama arises, which isn’t the film’s strongest point, the comedy is still there to enjoy. It’s interwoven throughout the whole thing.

'Wine Country' will have you laughing from start to finish

Another thumbs up this film receives is for it’s very real focus on Paula Pell’s character’s desire for a relationship. She’s a lesbian and becomes infatuated with a younger woman and the way that all plays out is handled nicely. While things may not turn out in a certain way, she’s still seen in a warm light and the whole thing actually just reinforces her strong bond with her friends.

Wine Country has so many fantastically funny moments and I belly laughed throughout the whole thing. Now yes, there are some things that could have been done better, but overall you’re given what you want here. So get your girlfriends together, drink some wine and watch Wine Country.

Wine Country
Is it good?
Wine Country has a couple bumps in the road, but the incredible amount of hilarity that ensues when these ladies are together is enough to warrent a recommendation.
Rachel Dratch
Maya Rudolph
Paula Pell
The high qaulity comedy in the script
Great chemistry between the cast
Jason Schwartzman
The drama doesn't work as well as the comedy

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