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Giant-Man #3 Review

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Giant-Man #3 Review

The search for Ymir and Florida’s missing women comes to an end!

The team of Giant-Man, Atlas, Ant-Man, and Goliath have found themselves in over their tall heads! Who will help them out of this jam?

This issue was a lot of fun, with plenty of the wacky action and emotional resonance that have been constants in this miniseries. There’s also a surprising dose of body horror, as the reality of Ymir’s situation becomes more apparent. It changes the dynamic of the Giant-Man team’s mission in ways that were entirely unexpected.

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The artwork from Marco Castiello is gorgeous as always. Of particular note is the way he renders Ymir. Without giving anything away about Ymir’s role in this story, he’s never looked more sympathetic, the jagged lines in his face forming into a furrowed brow in a way that we haven’t seen before. Castillo does a great job in somewhat humanizing this larger than life deity. Meanwhile, Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors give the final battle a kind of dustiness that suits the way in which the whole fight kind of barrels out of control.

Giant-Man #3 Review
Marvel Comics

There are a couple of choppy moments, where it feels like a character or two came out of nowhere. This is most apparent when the Giants reach Ymir’s chambers. One moment they’re talking to Karla Moonstone and in the very next panel, they’re staring down some angry newborn Frost Giants. Likewise, the battle sequence has a couple of movements that are unclear, particularly in regards to Karla and Erik’s fight. This miniseries has done a great job of making the madcap nature of the narrative feel purposeful, but there are just a couple of bits here that feel slightly rushed.

This includes the final pages, which wrap up the story quickly and efficiently, but feel like they desperately need to be decompressed. There’s so much emotional weight to the characters’ decisions that it felt like this story would have been better served by at least one additional issue, especially with all of the things we are told that is being left unsaid by the heroes involved. This isn’t necessarily a problem on the part of Leah Williams’ script, but rather the constraints of a three-issue mini. The story is told well, but it does feel like this issue just needs a little more room to breathe.

That being said, this issue is still a fun and action-packed conclusion to the story. All of the characters have a part to play in the big brawl at the end and the emotional payoff feels entirely earned, particularly in regards to Scott’s storyline. The final page is beautifully written in particular, almost begging for another issue to fill in some of the blanks. There’s so much more room for exploration with these characters. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last time we see these absolute units united!

Giant-Man #3 Review
Giant-Man #3
Is it good?
This tie-in miniseries has been a fun and heartfelt trip from start to finish. Highly recommended for dads, daughters, Frost Giants, and everyone in between!
Though lighter on humor than previous issues, the jokes all land wonderfully
The final punch-up is emotionally charged and feels earned
Some excellent character moments for our team, culminating in a poetic final page
Some of this ending feels slightly rushed, likely due to the constraints of it being a three-issue tie-in

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