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Unnatural #10 Review: Looking back while preparing for the future

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Unnatural #10 Review: Looking back while preparing for the future

‘Unnatural’ has one of the most clear story arcs found in a series.

Mirka Andolfo’s Unnatural has one of the most clear story arcs found in a series. The comic’s first arc began with an introduction of its characters while setting up the story. The second arc saw the main character, Leslie, grow as an individual. The current and final third part of the series has been leading to a showdown. Unnatural # 10 continues the traditional story telling that has made the book so compelling.

The final part of Unnatural has been filled with action and revelations. The tenth issue is a little different as it is filled with one of the better action scenes from the entire run, but it is more character development. The battle between Leslie and her friends is great. While it may not be the stereotypical big time comic book battle, it is just as effective. The fight is as much about internal struggle as it is about actually defeating opponents. It can get a little predictable at times, but it is a well done scene.

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The Glance has been a big part of the comic since early in its run. In recent issues, there have been startling revelations that have led to learning more about the masked villain. The identity of The Glance was a huge shock and Andolofo is now explaining why the mysterious big bad has made certain decisions. The Glance has always been the main bad guy, but they have also done most of their work in the background controlling the strings.

This is where the writer’s talent is on display. There are many potential problems with putting a villain front and center this late in the story. It can hurt the flow of the book or even make the series filled rushed. Andolfo does a great job of not letting that happen here. Not only has the greater inclusion of The Glance been natural, it has also been interesting. That being said, there is still much to learn and only two issues left in Unnatural. The next couple of months will put Andolfo’s talents to the test.

Unnatural #10 Review: Looking back while preparing for the future

While the moments involving The Glance have been interesting and well paced, there are other parts of the issue that do not flow as smoothly. Carol has been under captivity since the second arc. There have been occasional scenes that show she is being held under horrible conditions and Khal and the others have paid her lip service, but otherwise she has not been much of a factor in the story. Events in Unnatural # 10 seem to lead to her being a bigger part of the story. The moment is not given the proper gravity it seems to warrant.

Unnatural has been over the top in its melodrama from the very beginning. It is much closer to an animated soap opera than an action filled comic book. For the most part, this has been charming and funny. It still works during the tenth issue during some flashback scenes. There are other parts in the comic where it comes off as corny. It does not ruin the enjoyment, but it may make some readers roll their eyes.

Unnatural #10 Review: Looking back while preparing for the future

Unsurprisingly, Andolfo has a feel for her creations and the art is fantastic. The aforementioned battle scene looks great. There are also some close ups and other confrontations in the issue that pop off the page. Flashbacks have always stood out and this issue is no different. The backstory told here has a muted and emotional look to it that makes the story that much easier to read.

Unnatural from Image Comics continues to tell an action packed and emotional story. Even though the story is nearing its end, there are still great moments of character development. Putting more focus on a major character this late in the story has been a risk that has paid off. As interesting as Leslie has been, it is just as exciting to see where she is headed next.

Unnatural #10 Review: Looking back while preparing for the future
Unnatural #10
Is it good?
Great storytelling and compelling characters make the road to the climax very exciting. Sexy, action packed, and exciting.
Fantastic art
Interesting learning about The Glance
Some predictable and silly dialouge
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