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Is Child's Play trolling Toy Story 4 genius or desperation?


Is Child’s Play trolling Toy Story 4 genius or desperation?

Chucky destroys the Toy Story 4 characters in promotional posters.

The reboot of Child’s Play will hit theaters on June 21st 2019. As expected, fans of the series are split down the middle whether they are looking forward to the film or not. Major changes now have the iconic Chucky switching from a doll possessed by a serial killer to a robotic doll whose AI has gone haywire. You gotta love how things change with the times. Another aspect you may love is the marketing behind Child’s Play.

The film will release the same week as Toy Story 4, which is a bold move. Toy Story 4 will easily take the top spot for the week, but Chucky isn’t going down without a fight…literally. There has been a series of posters that has been released periodically showcasing Chucky eliminating his competition who just happens to be our beloved Toy Story heroes. No one is safe from Chucky’s slaughter! Not even poor Mr. Potato Head!

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So, what is Orion thinking? Surprisingly, Pixar or Walt Disney hasn’t said anything about it. They are going to crush the doll at the box office, so maybe they feel there is no need to do so. In the meantime, we have posters of Chucky killing Woody, Buzz, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, and a foreign poster displays poor Rex burnt to a skeleton. Seeing these posters remind me when I was young there was a poster for Silent Night, Deadly Night highlighting Santa climbing out from the chimney with an axe in his hand. This image was struck from newspapers and ads with the quickness. I am surprised parent groups haven’t spoken out yet.

Only time will tell how much this reboot will gross. The doll looks drastically different, but the filmmakers landed Mark Hamill to voice the killer doll. It is obvious the posters are meant to attract attention. Clearly selling the point that Toy Story 4 isn’t the only game in town on June 21st and Child’s Play is another choice to throw your hard-earned money towards. But I’m sure the filmmakers know just as well as the audience that the only way Chucky is going to massacre Toy Story 4 is on the promotional posters. With one week to go, who is next? Bo Peep better run for cover!

Do you like Orion’s style of promoting Child’s Play? Does this make you want to see the film or are they grasping for attention? Let us know in the comments and check out all the promotional Child’s Play posters below!

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