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Steve Austin on his infamous Dean Ambrose interview: “I think about it every single day”

‘I sh*t you not, that’s how bad that bothered me.’

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show, returned today after a long hiatus with a very special guest: AEW President Tony Khan. Throughout the course of the interview, the two obviously talk Double or Nothing, but when the topic of Jon Moxley comes up, Austin takes the opportunity to clear the air about his infamous interview with Moxley, then known as Dean Ambrose, on the WWE Network.

Austin ran a modified video version of his podcast on the WWE Network from late 2014 to summer of 2016. His final guest was Dean Ambrose, a hotly anticipated interview that just never really seemed to click. Moxley/Ambrose has since talked about this interview, saying that he felt restricted about what he could talk about, as WWE Champion and an ambassador for the brand. Austin tried to get some juicy bits of information out of him, but Ambrose rebuffed the attempts in an effort to not throw the rest of the locker room under the bus, creating an awkward, meandering interview.

“From during that interview to just the other day, [it’s] one thing [that] I think about every single day. I s--t you not, that’s how bad that bothered me,” Austin explained to Khan.

He went on to say, “I was talking to a mutual friend who said something about talking to Dean/Jon. I said ‘man, that interview still haunts me.’ He said, ‘why don’t you call him?’ So I immediately call Jon Moxley, and we had the best 30 minute conversation, getting back on the same page. I thought he might hate my guts. We got back on the same page, he never hated my guts. I think he’s gonna come down to Los Angeles, whenever he wants to, and we’re gonna do the podcast together.”

“Stone Cold” seemed happy to be able to clear the air about this interview. “This has haunted me for so damn long, and people just think that I’m this guy and there’s this dark, bitter force field around me where I don’t feel things. I do. And when I’ve not made someone look the way they’re supposed to look, that haunts me.”

I highly recommend listening to the entire interview on The Steve Austin Show, as Austin and Khan get into far more than Jon Moxley.

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