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BloodRayne: Rayne cosplay by Anya iChios

The femme fatale protagonist of the BloodRayne series, Rayne, comes to life courtesy of cosplayer Anya iChios.

The sultry, red-haired dhampire (half vampire/half human) and titular character of the BloodRayne video game series comes to life courtesy of cosplayer Anya “iChios” in the following photoset:

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REAL Bloodrayne on the Hunt! Just look on those pictures — they are so alive and clear, shining latex, natural emotions, I'm always in love with convention photos ♥️ Ph: @sergeikick Costume: @i_chios ..and I put one in big size on patreon ;3 Astrologers proclaim the month of BloodRayne! haha Бладрейн выходит на охоту 😈 Немного Старкона, такие живые и естественные фото *) Всегда очень люблю репортажи с ивентов, сцены, случайные кадры, выглядят интересно и необычно :3 …и Астрологи объявили месяц Рейн на патреоне 😆 #Bloodrayne #bloodrayne2 #bloodraynecosplay #starcon #starcon2018 #latex

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My trip to StarCon in Saint-Petersburg city is over, and I want to share with you first photos of my new Bloodrayne cosplay, latex dress ♥️ All your kind feedback about costume and perfomance makes me feel so much happy and confident about my work.💪 So I'll keep going and create more latex costumes! You always can support me via Patreon (link in bio) and get new plans, photos, photobooks. Мое путешествие на Старкон закончилось, и я хочу поделиться первыми фотографиями моей новой Рейн 🔥 Все ваши теплые отзывы о выступлении и костюме заставляют чувствовать меня счастливой и уверенной в своей работе (T▽T) И заряжают меня энергией и поддержкой для новых проектов, в том числе из латекса *) Спасибо за такой праздник, @StarConpro !🌠 #Bloodrayne #bloodrayne2 #bloodraynecosplay #starcon #starcon2018

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Sometimes we just need to be as badass as we can. Almost last photos of my Bloodrayne.🔥 That was hard and costly work, but I love this bloody result. WEEK LEFT!☝️ to follow (link in bio) and get FULL HD Bloodrayne photoshoot, exclusive photos, physical prints, backstages and video 🍷 Это был тяжелый и дорогостоящий фотосет, но мы справились и результат просто очумительный! Осталась неделя чтобы подписаться на и получить целый сет в HD, эксклюзивы, бэкстейджи и видео, плакаты ⭐ И я НЕ буду в этом костюме на ComicCon Russia ♠️ #Bloodrayne

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Rayne’s personality, according to the BloodRayne wiki:

Rayne is a very complex woman. She is quite intelligent, knowledgeable, witty, seductive (when need be), beyond her age and youth. She is shown to be headstrong, mature, gutsy, extremely foul-mouthed and willing to take her job very serious. As a result of it, she is extremely confident in her abilities, when it comes to fighting. Rayne is strong-willed and independent who rarely shows any sign of emotions such as anger, alarm, annoyance, surprise, or distress when on a mission; usually having her own sense of fun with the bloody carnage she dispatches onto the forces of evil.

Due to her personal upbringing as an assassin, Rayne is also tomboyish, tenacious, resourceful, persistent and enduring. However, Rayne still has an ever-present dark side that is constantly shown throughout the series.

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