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Invisible Woman #1 Review

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Invisible Woman #1 Review

Witness the reveal of the century as Invisible Woman isn’t who you thought she was.

When it was announced Invisible Woman was getting her own comic book many were shocked to learn this was her first solo series ever. Progress is slow, apparently! With the help of Mark Waid and Mattia De Iulis, this fresh take on the character reveals she may have been living a double life 10 years ago. 

So what’s it about?

Read the review.

Why does this matter?

The reaction to the series was positive to say the least: 

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Invisible Woman #1 Review

Who are these people?
Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue opens in an eastern European country with two nondescript people attempting to get over a border. Everything seems like a normal but high-intensity moment until an invisible person appears on the ground. Everything goes into high gear as a chase takes place and invisible powers are used a few times to escape the guards. Enter Invisible Woman as we learn she was doing some dirty work for Nick Fury way back in the day. This opening has all the intensity of a good opening to an action film.

Much of the rest of this issue is about Invisible Woman’s life today and the eventual hook that drags her back into that espionage life. Waid and De Iulis make a strong argument for Invisible Woman to be given even more respect. She lived a hard life dodging bullets and has kept it under wraps. My mind immediately went to moments like this in the classic Fantastic Four series:

Invisible Woman #1 Review

If the Invisible Woman had a secret life that was as badass as this series leads to believe maybe all that chauvinism can be brushed under the rug?

De Iulis draws an excellent issue that’s very clean and realistic looking. Effects like blur ramp up the movie feel. The digital art plays with light very well too. In a quick scene, Invisible Woman walks through the park and the shadows of leaves on her face are beautiful. It adds a layer of realism you don’t see in every comic book. Props to De Iulis for making Invisible Woman’s family very weird. Thing really does look kind of like a monster and Mr. Fantastic’s elasticity is bizarrely shown. She has a weird family and the art helps remind us this espionage secret life is only half of it.

Invisible Woman #1 Review

Super powers at work.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

The opening scene threw me off quite a bit. It takes 10 pages to reveal who this mysterious woman is and even though one could deduce it’s Invisible Woman based on the powers it looks nothing like her. There’s also an ad that runs between leaving the European country and getting back to New York that throws things off as well. I kept flipping back and forth to make sure I wasn’t seeing some new invisible-powered person, but if you pay close attention to the shedding of clothes on one page it’s clear. That said, it shouldn’t be that confusing!

Aside from this, the issue feels a bit skimpy on content. It has this longish opening, then a check in with who she is for those who may not know, and then the big setup for what this book will be going forward. It’s a basic sort of plot that gives you just enough.

Is it good?

A compelling first issue reveals an exciting double life for Invisible Woman. It has the intensity of a movie with all the fixings and should do well to reinvent Invisible Woman for years to come.

Invisible Woman #1 Review
Invisible Woman #1
Is it good?
A compelling first issue reveals an exciting double life for Invisible Woman. It has the intensity of a movie with all the fixings and should do well to reinvent Invisible Woman for years to come
Vivid art that's like a movie at times
An interesting start to what could be a show-stopping rewrite of a hero
The first few pages confused the heck out of me!
Basic plotting keeps the book simple and to the point

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