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Marvel reveals new ‘House of X’ art and more ahead of SDCC 2019 X-Men announcements

Featuring new art from Pepe Larraz and Russell Dauterman!

New X-Art reveals–and it’s not even X-Men Monday! Writer Jonathan Hickman’s highly anticipated–and oh-so mysterious–X-Men era is set to kick off July 24 with House of X #1 and X-Fans are hungry for whatever details they can get. While a ton of reveals are expected at Comic-Con International: San Diego next weekend, we’ve got a few pieces to tide you over.

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If you made a visit to your local comic shop today to pick up Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #5 or Giant-Size X-Statix, you may have seen the free Young Guns 2019 Sketch-Book, spotlighting the likes of Pepe Larraz and Russell Dauterman (more on him in a bit). As Larraz is bringing Hickman’s House of X to life, Marvel was kind enough to share new artwork.

We’ve got Cyclops reconnecting with Hickman alumnus Reed Richards…

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Hm, that appears to be a space ship of some sort…

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

And finally, Charles Xavier showing off his new look (love it, Chuck!) and Mystique and none other than… Destiny?! Wait, isn’t Destiny dead?! But X-Men characters always stay dead!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Gorgeous art all around and sure to eXcite X-Fans for whatever comes next! Speaking of the mysterious future of Marvel’s mighty mutants… could Dauterman be illustrating an upcoming X-Book? Our friend and X-Men Senior Editor Jordan D. White appeared to be teasing just that on Twitter.

And then Dauterman only stoked the flames of speculation with his retweet!

And if that wasn’t enough, Marvel inserted this in its Young Guns Sketch-Book:

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Hm… why are you sketching Storm, Russell?

Keep it tuned to AiPT! next weekend as we’ll be reporting on whatever Marvel has planned for the X-Line at SDCC! And, of course, keep reading X-Men Monday every Monday (when else?)!


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