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Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

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Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Ranking all of the most famous Spider-Women’s looks.

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

In celebration of everyone’s favorite web-head, July is Spectacular Spider-Month at AiPT! We have a series of amazing articles in store for the month. Movies, television, gaming, and of course comics will all be covered with great responsibility as we honor one of comics’ greatest heroes.

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Spider-Man smhmider-shman, every good Beyonce fan knows that girls run the world. Or more accurately in this case, the Spider-Verse. From MC2s, to the Ultimate universe, to mechs and back, the Spider-Girls are some of the most diverse and interesting characters in the Spider-Verse roster. But, that begs the question, which one is the very best? We brought in Contributor Nathan Simmons, Manga Editor Eric Cline, and AiPT! content manager and podcast co-host David Brooke to answer that for you, true believer! Check it out below.

May “Mayday” Parker, Spider-Woman / Spider-Girl

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I love Mayday, and I love MC2, but I think all my fond feelings for her and the suit are nostalgia and context because here in a vacuum, it’s not terribly impressive. I like the bold black additions to the color scheme, feel like the wrist guards are totally unnecessary, and ultimately feel kind of medium in the end. 6/10

Nathan: I don’t mind it. It’s kind of a Ben Reilly meets Harley Quinn color scheme. I always liked the wraparound Spider logo, but the rest of it is not my fave, particularly the half-and-half look to the bottom of the suit. I think I’ve just always liked May so much that the costume didn’t really put me off. Much like the leggings, I’m right down the middle on this one. 5/10

Eric: Eh. This isn’t bad by any means, but it doesn’t really stand out a lot either. Love May, and the costume stays true to Peter’s but isn’t memorable in and of itself. 6/10

Dave: I always thought this looked too close to the revamped suit from the 90s. That makes it feel quite dated. The black arms of the spider legs never worked for me either. It seemed to make the whole costume look like a bullseye. 6/10

Jessica Drew, Ultimate Spider-Woman

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I would like this costume a lot more if they did a better job of not making it look brown all the time. A slightly brighter or darker red, and we’re off to the races with a stellar symbiote suit adjacent design that would’ve really worked. Love the individual finger colors, though. 5/10

Nathan: I agree with Forrest in that the lighting makes or breaks this one. Unfortunately, it’s normally broken. I do really dig the simplicity to it, though. 6/10

Eric: Love it. Simple and striking. My only con is that the hair looks a bit silly popping out of the outfit. 8/10

Dave: There’s a lot here to love. I like the way the bottom of the spider emblem wraps around her waist, the white fingers of the gloves, and the ever so slight cutout in the boots. The way the hair comes out of the mask is cool too even if it’s not conducive to fighting crime. 7/10

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: This is a stellar redesign. Primarily, because it looks super practical, but also because it has just enough touches of silly to still feel like it fits in the Spider-Verse well. Sure, those goggles aren’t helping with anonymity at all but I like the varying finger colors, the armpit webbing, and the buttons on the jacket a lot. 9/10

Nathan: LOVE this outfit. It’s very sleek, yet fits Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude. I love the gloves and the kind of loose-fitting belt. It’s a look that says, “I’m on a job, but I still wanna look like a BAMF.” On a personal note, I would wear that top in a HEARTBEAT. 10/10

Eric: Jessica has had pretty bad luck with costumes. I appreciate this from a standpoint of looking more casual and realistically doable, but it’s also kind of boring. 5/10

Dave: It’s simple but effective. It’s definitely top heavy but the emblem is straight fire. I love the web armpits and sunglasses. The gloves are a bit wonky though and the pants are basic. 8/10

Anya Corazon, Araña

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: Great example of blowing up or altering the spider logo without losing the intent, unlike the Unlimited suit over in our ranking of Peter’s suits. As with a lot of these suits, the hair is really impractical, but I like the notable white web shooters on top of the hands. 8/10

Nathan: This is definitely an example of “less is more.” It’s a design that looks great in motion, yet was tailor made for the kind of iconic poses like the one above. And I adore the goggle eyes. 8/10

Eric: Simple and clean. I dig it, especially how large the spider logo is. No detail feels like it wasn’t thought out. 8/10

Dave: I was never a huge fan of this one. I don’t like the way the white congeals on the ankles, the eyes are a bit wonky and oddly shaped, and the spider emblem is way too big. The cords that she uses don’t feel very spider-like either. 4/10

Ashley Barton, Spider-Woman (We’re not talking about that other name)

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: Not great at all. Somewhere between Pete’s suit and Mayday’s and without any character that really speaks to who Ashley is under the mask or with it on. Not to mention the problem with hair being out is accentuated with exposed shoulders for whatever reason. 2/10 

Nathan: Ah, yes. The Spider costume that looks like it would belong to a second-tier villain from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. Not a fan. 1/10

Eric: Eh. This is so close to the OG Spidey suit that it stands out only for its weird differences: why only the upper arms showing? It’s just odd. 4/10

Dave: This one seems to be super focused on the breasts, right? The emblem wrapping around the breasts is a bit much. It’s way too close to the original costume too. The mask is…alright? 4/10

Mary Jane Watson, Spinneret

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I really like this suit, especially the palm designs. The only thing holding it back is the little folds over the boots, which could’ve been totally removed and nothing would’ve been lost. The negative space for the spider icon is especially cool. 9/10

Nathan: I actually dig the little cuffs on the ankles, as well as the fact that it looks like MJ popped on a spider-romper over a white morph suit. It’s so cute and looks very much like a case of MJ’s own ingenuity and fashion sense. 8/10

Eric: I dig it. Nice color scheme and streamlined composition. 8/10

Dave: Part of me loves this and part of me hates it. The color scheme is cool and I love the gloves, but then the shorts on the thighs look odd. I hate the cuffs above the boots. 5/10

Annie May Parker, Spiderling (Armored)

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I like the narrative reasons behind this, and it kind of reminds me of Pete’s look in Mangaverse, where it’s just something thrown together by an eager kid to fight crime, but there’s just a few too elements to work as well as I’d like. 6/10

Nathan: Yeah, it’s just kind of awkward-looking. All of the segmented bits (the shoulder pads and the like) look especially awkward while web-swinging. I’ve said before that I’m partial to costumes that look like I could have made them, but this is not one of those times. I do dig the logo and the wraps on the arms, though. 3/10

Eric: This just looks weird to me. Very slap-dashed together in a way I don’t like. It’s just kind of generic. 3/10

Dave: This one looks a lot like the “Ends of the Earth” costume. Spider-Man of any sort shouldn’t be wearing armor (they don’t need it) so it seems bulky and odd. She needs a more slender costume to help with agility. 3/10

Annie May Parker, Spiderling (Suit)

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I like this more than the armored suit but it’s nothing special outside of that context. The texture on the bottom of the shoes is cool (c’mon, ballet flats is a terrible idea) and the rings around the wrists and ankles is a nice touch for the gradient design, but other than that meh. 7/10

Nathan: I don’t care for the color scheme or the world’s tiniest logo, but I do like the simplicity of it. Poor Annie May just can’t seem to split the difference between too little and too much. 4/10

Eric: Also kind of boring. At least it’s not as hideously armored. 5/10

Dave: I love an all blue top for Spider characters! The boots are pretty cool too. Overall it’s a simple design though and I’m not so sure about the black. 6/10

Cindy Moon, Silk

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: Despite how you might feel about Silk (I think she’s fine) the costume rules. Most gradient or two tone suits would put the bottom color on the mask but the red is inspired I think. This is also much, much better than Silk’s first…”costume” 9/10

Nathan: It really is all about that mask. It adds a pop that most other designs might have done without. I love the sweet jagged lines leading off the middle of the suit and into the arms and legs. It’s a suit with a lot of understated flair. 9/10

Eric: I like the color scheme. The segmented black and white work well, plus the bold pop of red on the mask. 8/10

Dave: I’ve always liked the white and red top but the lightning like zips around it are a bit odd. The mask is pretty cool and makes a lot of sense, although it’s a bit slapdash. 8/10

Peni Parker, SP//DR

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: My only complaint with Into The Spider-Verse is that they changed this design. I don’t know if it was a copyright thing, them shortsightedly trying to make Peni’s look more palatable to young audiences or what, but they’re cowards. Evangelion rules. Spider-Man rules. EVA SP//DR rules. 10/10

Nathan: I love Peni. I love SP//DR. I always gravitate toward sci-fi tech that looks “worn in,” and SP//DR looks like it’s seen some stuff. The cute stickers are a nice touch, as well, reminding people of who’s behind the controls. 10/10

Eric: Heeeell yeah. I’m an Evangelion fan. ‘Nuff said. 9/10

Dave: I’ve always been a fan of the mech. It’s a bit awkwardly lanky, but it’s super fresh. 8/10

Gwen Stacy, Spider-Gwen / Ghost-Spider

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: This is great! While I think the green shoes are a little out of place, the rest of it is really fantastic and considered, and I think the white was very intentional for a kind of resurrected Gwen. Really great artists are also very good at making the eyes expressive, which is challenging given the white on white setup. 9/10

Nathan: I remember literally gasping the first time I saw this suit in a comic shop. It took me a bit to get used to the ballet slippers (they’re still the one part that doesn’t totally gel for me), but man, do I love this design. I mean, they managed to find a new way of incorporating the spider logo in a subtle fashion! I heart you, Gwen. 9/10

Eric: Not amazing but solid. It’s sleek, and I love the hood, even if it doesn’t serve much purpose. 7/10

Dave: This one was an instant classic for me. The hood is super cool and original and I love the color scheme. 9/10

May Reilly, Lady Spider

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I think this is really, really cool but man it’s probably a pain to draw, huh? The big, bugeye eyes read much more beetle than they do Spider, but channeling the mechanical arms of Iron Spider is cool, and the painted on look of the Spider-Corset works. Drop the knee, elbow, and wrist pads and it’s a sleek suit with a ton of style, too bad those are definitely there, though. 8/10  

Nathan: I love this for the visual aesthetics and hate it for its impracticality. She’s straight-up wearing a corset over a welder’s jumpsuit. It’s fantastically silly. 6/10

Eric: Is this steampunk Spider-Woman? There’s so many elements together that just don’t gel. The cap, the arms, the straps, the weird shoes, the…corset?! I’ll give this points for not being another knockoff of the classic suit though. 6/10

Dave: This one is very janky to me. The arms are clearly inspired by Iron Spider and the straps are going for the steampunk feel. I like the corset but then the elbow pads look strange. 6/10

May Parker, Spider-Ma’am

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: I’m very, very here for elder representation in heroism which is severely lacking but could we not make it look so explicitly like that? 4/10

Nathan: Chef Boyardee is about to beat Rhino’s ass. 3/10

Eric: Oh lordy. 6/10

Dave: What kinda spoof is this?! The hat is ridiculous and it all looks so lazy. 3/10

Betty Brant, The Amazing Spider Girl

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

Forrest: It…but the spider…and Peter…and huh? 1/10

Nathan: Even the Watcher had to look away. 1/10

Eric: Don’t get me wrong, this is hideous. But it’s unique enough in its ugliness that I’m entertained instead of just being bored. The webs straight up coming out of her armpits are especially bizarre. 6/10

Dave: This looks like something from Mad Magazine. Wacky weird. 2/10

Winner: Peni Parker, SP//DR

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

With a decisive victory, Peni Parker and SP//DR prove that a referential look can still bring enough unique energy to run away with a competition like this. Maybe we just appreciated something that wasn’t super derivative of the O.G. Spider-Man, maybe we all wish we could get in the robot, maybe we found we liked this more after the near-miss in Into The Spider-Verse. Whatever it is, Peni came onto the scene with a strong look and delivered spider-staying-power that we can’t help but appreciate.

Thank you for joining AiPT! during Spectacular Spider-Month! Be sure to check back in every day for more Spider-Man content including interviews, features, opinions, and more!

Spectacular Spider-Month Fashion Friday: Spider-Girls

Credit: Marvel

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