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The best macaroni and cheese movies


The best macaroni and cheese movies

The best movies to put on in the background.

Macaroni and cheese is one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. It requires little time to prepare, you can pretty much throw anything in it, and it will taste pretty good (usually) when you are finished. Plus, you do not have to be paying that much to make a good batch. If you are hungry and want something fast, cheap, and that will hit the spot, there are few things better than mac and cheese.

Sometimes we need mac and cheese movies. These are the types of films you throw on in the background when you are doing more important things. The comedies you play so you can laugh without paying too much attention; the horror movies you are able to describe in ten words or less. Here are some of the best macaroni and cheese movies.

Back to School (1986)

The best macaroni and cheese movies

Really, any Rodney Dangerfield movie works. In this 1985 classic, Dangerfield plays Thornton Melon, a self made millionaire who goes back to college. For some reason, this annoys his whiny and annoying son. Also includes a young Robert Downey Jr. and is the rare 80’s college comedy that does not have nudity. Add in Dangerfield telling Kurt Vonnegut (yes, that one) to, “F--k off” and you have a movie that is easy to watch and a lot of fun.

Bachelor Party (1984)

The best macaroni and cheese movies

Before Tom Hanks became TOM HANKS he starred in a series of movies that were more about having nonsensical fun than telling a moving story. Hanks stars as Rick Gassko who is about to marry Debbie Thompson (a pre Whitesnake Tawny Kitaen). None of his friends are very excited, but in true 80’s fashion, decide to throw the titular bash for him. Filled, with drugs, nudity, sophomoric humor, and a coked up donkey, this still holds up today.

Robocop (1987)

The best macaroni and cheese movies

Just about any 80’s action movie works, but Robocop stands out from the rest. It has all the drugs, nudity, and gore needed from a rated-R movie of the era, but it also includes robots. The plot is simple and requires only the slightest bit of attention. Good cop is nearly killed, is brought back as a cyborg cop, tries to clean city of crime – including the real villain of most 80s movies: big corporations. Let this movie play while you do just about anything else and it is still enjoyable.

Rocky IV (1985)

The best macaroni and cheese movies

The first three Rocky movies try to have some semblance of a serious story. The one right after nearly killed the franchise. Released during the height of the Cold War, Rocky IV is the perfect popcorn movie. The Russians send a super athlete to America to conquer boxing and kill Rocky’s best friend. This leads to an amazing training montage and an ending that made us all proud to be Americans.

The Vault of Horror (1972)

The best macaroni and cheese movies

Horror anthologies are always a safe bet for an easy watch. The Vault of Horror is a collection of shorts taken from the EC Comics of the same name. The movie is about five men who are trapped in a room. They start to talk about frighteningly realistic nightmares they have been having. All end with a fiendish twist that would make any crypt keeper cackle. Scary, funny, and a complete joy.

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