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Check out some of the coolest toys you'll need to add to your collection.


SDCC 2019: Marvel Hasbro panel drops huge Marvel Legends reveals, including X-Men, Spider-Man, and more

Check out some of the coolest toys you’ll need to add to your collection.

One of the great joys that come out of Marvel Studios films are the toys. Some of the best are handled by Hasbro, who have done some amazing things with their Marvel Legends line over the years. That includes some impressive cosplay-friendly toys like the Punisher War Machine helmet and the Infinity Gauntlet toys complete with sound effects.

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After reviewing the Avengers wave 3 figures already announced, they excited the crowd with one of the most impressive shows ever. There were a lot of reveals this year, many focused on the X-Men, but with a look at Spider-Man and Avengers too. The biggest reveal early on included a Wolverine/Cyclops/Jean Grey three-pack:

New Havok and Polaris revamps from the ’90s:

A New Mutants Walgreens exclusive that is basically three figures in one:

And an Age of Apocalypse line which they teased might get multiple lines! These are only three figures in a single wave with more to be revealed at a later date.

Check out that Wolverine!

Fans of the new vehicles Marvel Legends is putting out can get hyped for the Cosmic Ghost Rider and Squirrel Girl vehicles complete with characters and cool accessories.

Spider-Man fans got a taste of what’s ahead when it comes to the PS4 Spider-Man line of figures. Hasbro already released a Spider-Man figure, but how about two more?

The suits are the Mark III armor and the Velocity suit. Anyone who wants to complete their Sinister Six can breathe easy now that an old man Vulture is on the way too:

Anyone reading the new Avengers series from Jason Aaron can get a brand new Hulk (many might know her as She-Hulk):

After all those reveals, one might assume the show was over. That wasn’t the case though, as they revealed two figures fans have been asking for. The first was Strong Guy, which was not only appropriately large but beautiful. And finally, a Doctor Doom you can take home to mom!

This was without a doubt the best Marvel Hasbro panel of the last three years. Get excited Marvel Legends fans…this was a huge day!


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