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Transformers/Ghostbusters #3 review: Ghost of Cybertron Part 3

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Transformers/Ghostbusters #3 review: Ghost of Cybertron Part 3

Ectotron helps the Ghostbusters track down a ghost. Plus, what is Starscream really up to?

The nostalgia trip continues with writer Erik Burham and artist Dan Schoening’s Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghost of Cybertron Part 3. In the last issue, Ectronymous Diamatron, who now goes by the name Ectotron learned that the Cybertronian signal that brought him to earth turned out to be the ghost of Decepticon, Starscream. Starscream then explains how a mysterious being enslaved him and the remaining Decepticons before Gozer the Traveler completely destroyed Cybertron. Can Ectotron and the Ghostbusters trust Starscream or does he have a secret agenda?

The Writing

First and foremost three issues in and I still can’t believe two of the most iconic 80’s franchises now exist together. Burnham has crafted an exciting yet compelling “What If?” story that completely flips the narrative of the Transformers and Ghostbusters universes. Everything thing you love about both classics Burnham executes flawlessly. The dialogue, visuals, punch lines; it’s all there, like watching an amalgam of the movies and TV shows come to life on the page.

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Transformers/Ghostbusters #3 review: Ghost of Cybertron Part 3

The Fantastic Artwork of  Dan Schoening

Hats off to Schoening, who not only does a phenomenal job of blending these legendary worlds together but for keeping the established aesthetic of the Transformers. Having these characters in their animated style keeps the nostalgia levels high for comic readers everywhere. One of my favorite moments in this issue involves a random scene with Janine speaking with Winston; if you look hard enough the painting from Ghostbusters 2 with Vigo the Carpathian is propped up behind a desk. I look forward to Schoening introducing us to more characters as the series continues.

Transformers/Ghostbusters #3 review: Ghost of Cybertron Part 3


Burnham and Shoening have created an incredibly good story so far. The script is pretty solid and the character art is beyond amazing. Who knows maybe we’ll even get to see Megatron and Gozer again. Whatever happens, I cannot wait to pick up the next issue. If you’re a fan of either the Transformers or Ghostbusters you’ll definitely want to check out this book.

Transformers/Ghostbusters #3 review: Ghost of Cybertron Part 3
Transformers/Ghostbusters #3
Is it good?
Issue three is another solid book in the Ghosts of Cybertron storyline. It leaves you full of questions that will probably be explored in further issues.
Amazing art
Humorous and a lot of fun to read
The characters all sound exactly like they do in the films and television series
It leaves you wanting to read the entire arc, right now

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